Robomow RS612 Review

Robomow RS612 ReviewIf you are looking for a very capable robotic lawnmower, one to watch is the Robomow RS612. Robotic mowers in general have come a long way, and this is a great example of a top-of-the-line model that is a quiet workhorse that is also plain cool to watch in action. For more information about the RS621, please keep reading.

Robomow RS612 – Key Features & Specifications

Overview & Lawn Coverage Area

Like robotic vacuum, the Robomow RS612 uses a base station where it charges up and self-launches to start lawn-cutting. A rain sensor is used to provide users the option to suspend cutting on wet/humid, or rainy days.

As far as cutting goes, this robot is very sophisticated, and designed to produce consistent mows across a variety of lawn types. The unit is rated to cover a lawn up to 1/4 of an acre in size, and it can mow hilly areas and slopes of up to 35%.  For much smaller yards, check out the RM510, and for areas up to 3/4 of an acre there is the RS630.

Multiple zones can be identified and mowed individually, if desired. The dual steel blades (each fitted to an independent motor) have a wide coverage area and span almost the entire width of the unit, giving it a generous cutting path. Another high-tech feature is the counter-balanced deck, which “floats” to closely follow the contours of your lawn. When the job is nearly done, tidy things up, a unique “edge mode” is available that instructs the mower to cover the lawn perimeter to ensure a clean-looking, professional job.

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Power Source

Robomow RS612 - top viewThis is a cordless robot, powered by a rechargeable 24V lithium ion battery. The unit charges when docked to the base station.

Remote Operation/Control

One very nice feature of the Robomow RS612 is Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to control the mower with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone or tablet. A specific Robomow app is available for this purpose.

Safety Features

In case you were wondering, the RS612 is packed with safety features. First, it has a “Child Lock” mechanism that effectively renders the unit inoperable for children/others that shouldn’t be using it. And a blade-shutoff feature freezes the blades if the unit is picked up or tilted upward.

Sound/Noise Level

Rated to produce only 78 decibels of operational noise, the Robomow is not silent, but comparatively quiet compared to a conventional gas mower. As such, your mower can set out in the mornings and get its work done without rousing you or the neighbors.

Setup and Use

Setting up and operating the Robomow RS612 is very easy. Simply install the included wire around your lawn, follow some basic configuration steps and plug in the dock. The mower will then launch itself as needed to keep your lawn maintained so you don’t have to.

Robomow RS612 - twin blade design.Price and Value

This is obviously a very high-tech mower that doesn’t come cheap. However, compared to some robotic vacuums available, the current selling price of roughly $1,500 is surprisingly good. Moreover, if you need to hire someone to mow your lawn, you will undoubtedly spend more money on a lawn-cutting service than you would with the RS612.

Robomow RS612 – Concluding Thoughts

Whether you cut your own lawn or hire someone to do it for you, the Robomow RS612 robotic lawn mower may be a smart move. Obviously, it is not a cheap lawn mower by any stretch of the imagination, but it does truly provide hands-off convenience and is designed to cut grass expertly. And if you are a gadget-lover and like to showcase new tech in or around the home, we can think of few more interesting things you can do than having a robot cut your lawn!

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