Robomow RM510 Review

Robomow RM510 ReviewThe Robomow RM510 Robotic Lawnmower is the smallest of the Robomow fleet, but it’s no less impressive.

Moreover, it’s tailor-made for more compact garden and lawn areas. Yet, while it’s significantly less expensive than Robomow’s bigger robots, it’s still not cheap. So let’s see exactly what this robot brings and whether it’s worth buying.

Robomow RM510 – Quick Overview

Lawn Area Coverage

The RM510 is designed to manicure lawns up to 5,382 square feet in area. This is approximately 1/12 of an acre. If you need a bigger robot for lawns of 1/4 or up to 3/4 acre in size, check out the RS612 and RS630, respectively.

Slope-Handling Ability

This robot can cut grass on slopes up to 18%, which is more than enough hill-climbing needed for the vast majority of small gardens where this robot is likely to be used.

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Charge Base & Power

Robomow RM510 -  going to work while you do other things.Like other Robomow units, this one comes with a charge base, from which the mower will launch cutting operations. The unit uses a 24V lithium battery, which can go from depleted to fully charged in as few as 16 hours. This power source feeds into dual, 150 watt electric motors that provide good cutting power and high blade rotational speeds.

Edge Cutting Feature

The RM510 retains Robomow’s most unique cutting feature – the edge mode. Edge mode allows the unit to ensure good coverage along the very edges of your lawn, which gives the cut a very professional look – and saves you lots of time having to clean up these areas yourself. Proper edging is a big issue with most robotic mowers, so we were glad to see that the RM510 still came with this capacity.

As with the larger models, the RM510 is fitted with high-quality tandem steel blades for cutting precision and durability.


These robots are obviously very tempting for thieves, which is exactly why Robomow uses an anti-theft system that requires a pre-set pin code to unlock it. Without this code, the mower is effectively useless. This is a great deterrent that we wish more robots came standard with.

Safety Measures

Other indispensable features common to the Robomows are the Child Lock and automatic shutoff. The child lock ensures that potential users (like children) who don’t have permission cannot run the robot and accidentally harm themselves. Likewise, the blade arresting mechanism kicks in automatically if the mower is either picked up or tilted upward, thereby minimizing the chances of dangerous accidents due to curious or mischievous hands. When you consider how alluring a robot mower like this is for a young child, these safety features are a requirement.

Remote Control Option

To help the unit in difficult lawn areas, if needed, a remote control unit can be purchased separately. This model does not come with the Bluetooth connectivity of the larger, premium robots, however.

Humidity/Rain Sensor

This is not available for the RM510.

Price and Value

Currently selling in the neighborhood of 1,200, the Robomow RM510 is definitely on the less expensive end of the robotic spectrum. Of course, given this unit’s smaller coverage area and more basic features, this is justified. Nevertheless, the core technology that we love about the Robomow line is present, and we feel that the RM510 provides great value for those looking for a smaller robotic lawn mower.

Robomow RM510 – Concluding Thoughts

For anyone contemplating a robotic lawn mower for an area of 1/12 of an acre or less, the Robomow RM510 Robotic Lawnmower is the one we’d recommend. While it may not have quite all of the bells and whistles of the larger robots, it also doesn’t come with their larger price tags either. And the key features that most users need, like the edge mode, safety mechanisms, powerful cutting motors and sophisticated charging base are all there. Overall, this is a great value in the typically pricey robotic lawn mower arena.

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