Revo RE16BNDL23-4T with 16 Channel 4TB DVR Review

Revo RE16BNDL23-4T Surveillance System


Turnkey surveillance system packages keep getting more powerful and inexpensive – like the Revo RE16BNDL23-4T Surveillance System with 16 Channel 4TB DVR with Quick Connect Cameras and Elite Cameras. For more information about this commercial-grade surveillance package, please continue reading.

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Whether you are concerned about security at your home or business, there are many good surveillance system packages on the market that can deliver professional-level monitoring for a relative bargain. In our view, of the most interesting options to come out recently that is capable of covering large homes and industrial areas is the Revo RE16BNDL23-4T Surveillance System with 16 Channel 4TB DVR with Quick Connect Cameras and Elite Cameras.

First off, the Revo RE16BNDL23-4T comes with a high-quality, 16-channel DVR unit that can produce 480 images per second and can record on each channels in real time. Moreover, this DVR comes with an impressive 4TB hard drive – much larger than the 1TB drives we typically see.  This drive space gives you lots and lots of video storage, and is particularly convenient when setting the cameras to record continuously while you are away for long periods.

The DVR also has numerous other advanced functions, including smartphone access and notification options, remote viewing, searches of video recordings, picture emailing, etc.  It’s also equipped with (8) RJ12 channels and (8) BNC channels for greater camera options/upgrades.

In addition to its state-of-the art DVR, the RE16BNDL23-4T includes (8) premium surveillance cameras; (2) very durable & top-end commercial-type indoor/outdoor bullet cameras (model no. RECBH0550-1) rated at 700 TV lines of resolution and equipped with 45 infrared LEDs for powerful night vision – up to 165 feet in complete darkness; and (6) REVO indoor/outdoor bullet Quick Connect cams (item no. RCBS30-2) rated at 600 TV lines with 30 infrared LEDs with night vision of up to 80 feet in total darkness.  Cable for the six REVO cameras is included (60’ for each camera); however, the power supply and cables for the two commercial-grade RECBH0550-1 cameras are not included.

Overall, we think the Revo RE16BNDL23-4T Surveillance System with 16 Channel 4TB DVR & Quick Connect /Elite Cameras is a great package that has the power and advanced technology to easily cover very large homes and/or commercial areas. In particular, the quality of the DVR, impressive drive space, and the high-end cameras that come with this package are very hard to beat – especially in a combo that’s currently selling for just over $1,000. As such, we’d easily recommend this system to anyone looking to surveil large residential or industrial areas with cutting-edge remote access capability.

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