Revo America Professional R164D3EB5EM21-2T Review

Revo America Professional ReviewThe Revo America Professional R164D3EB5EM21-2T is one of the better packaged home surveillance systems in our view. It’s not so much that you get lots of cameras and actual hardware, but the components are high quality and the system is surprisingly easy to get started, despite its sophistication. Let’s look a little closer at what this system actually comes with.

System Specifications

16-Channel 2TB DVR

The 16-channel DVR gives you lot’s of room to grow if need be and with 2TB of internal disk space, you will not be worrying about running out of room for your video, especially given the modern H.264 compression. And if you are in doubt, you can also upgrade to 3TB or 4TB drives as well. This system records up to 480 NTSC images per second and also makes web connectivity a snap and can be set up for event alerts to most popular smartphone platforms when any of the cameras detect motion in or around the home. In addition, you can set it to provide regular email system status updates.

The REVO Mobile app. that comes with this system really unlocks the power of the DVR’s remote access/control, and makes it straightforward to view live systems, listen to audio, inspect video recordings, and even manipulate cameras – all from your phone. Further, REVO Remote gives you the ability to take control of your system from any web-connected PC – anywhere in the world. Don’t worry if you are a MAC user either, because REVO has an app for that as well.  Last but not least, you get a full function infrared remote control.

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Revo America Professional - Bullet Camera(8) Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

But not only is the DVR top notch, so are the (8) high-res video cameras. You get (5) bullet cameras that come with a very impressive 600 TV lines of resolution, and which are rated for either indoor or outdoor use. In addition these bullet cams are ringed with infrared LEDs that give you up to 80 feet of night vision in complete darkness.   The (3) indoor dome cameras are no less powerful, also providing 600 TV lines resolution and 80-foot night vision. Notably, each of these cameras’ brackets/assembly allows for a “pass through” connection so the cable is protected from vandals. Further, they all connect easily with a single combination power/data cable so that are basically plug and play.

LED Monitor

The 21.5” widescreen LED system monitor is a nice touch and provides a very bright display to view your high-res video feeds. You can also monitor multiple cameras by using the spit screen display function.

Revo America Professional - Dome Camera

Revo America Professional R164D3EB5EM21-2T Reviews

So far, this system has earned an average user satisfaction rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Among these reviews, this system consistently receives high praise for it’s power, quality and ease of use:

  • “Love the cameras, they are small designed and look very well made, single corded not double corded like many other security cameras.”
  • “Easy to install…”
  • “Great camera set….Night vision is incredible and is among the highest quality pictures I’ve seen.”
  • “I have four of these systems in my stores and so far 14 months none has failed.”

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Concluding Thoughts

At a time when many security system manufacturers are providing lots of cheaper hardware to increase perceived value, the Revo America Professional R164D3EB5EM21-2T stands out to us as a high-quality video surveillance system that is smart and easy to use. Specifically, the high-quality 16-channel DVR with powerful remote access and this system’s (8) plug-n-play single-corded 600 TVL cameras make this an extremely professional-grade monitoring package that is unusually user-friendly.

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