Raticator Max Rodent Trap Review

Most home owners will need to deal with mice or rat infestations at some point.  Dealing with these issues humanely, cleanly and effectively is now possible with the new Raticator Max Rodent Trap.

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There are few places in the world that are not vulnerable to infestations by mice and/or rats.  Indeed, regardless where you live, most homes will be subject to some level of intrusion by these rodents at some time or another.  In order to deal with infestations, or prevent the occasional mouse or rat from becoming a serious problem, it’s advisable to begin setting traps around the home.

However, not all traps work.  Moreover, some are messy, involve harmful poisons, and require you to fish out mutilated carcasses.  Fortunately, there is a much better way to deal with rodent pests, which is cleaner, easier and more humane.  We are talking about the new and improved Raticator Max Rodent Trap.

The Raticator Max uses infrared sensing technology and 4 D-sized batteries to humanely dispose of mice and rats in and around the home.  And because it uses electricity, you don’t have to worry about bloody kills or harmful poisons being introduced near loved ones and pets.  Further, once a pest is eliminated, a light indicator is triggered to notify you to empty the trap, which is easy to do, thanks to the lack of blood and guts normally associated with kill traps.

In addition to being clean and humane, this trap is wonderfully efficient.  The (4) “D” batteries used to operate the unit can power up to 50 kills, or power the trap for up to one year.  And the technology used by the Raticator Max ensures a 100% kill rate. Thus, you don’t have to worry about causing needless grief to pests by maiming them.

Although talking about infestations of rats or mice around the home is not a popular subject, it’s something that goes hand in hand with home ownership and should be done humanely when necessary.  At HGT, we cannot think of an easier, more hazard-free and merciful way to do this.  Accordingly, we highly recommend the Raticator Max Rodent Trap for anyone that wants to curb or prevent a serious rodent infestation in or around the home.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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