Ramsond Sinemate 1500 Watt Generator Review

Ramsond Sinemate 1500 WattFor powering sensitive, high-end equipment at home or on the go, Ramsond has just released a new, ultra-portable pure sine wave inverter generator – the Ramsond Sinemate 1500 Watt 1500 W Pure Sine Wave Portable Inverter Gasoline Generator. Read on to see what makes this a terrific new product.

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Sometimes you need a generator that is ultra-compact and truly portable – i.e., one that can be picked up easily and used on the boat, RV or at home when only limited power generation is needed. Nevertheless, in such applications, especially when powering sensitive and high-end electronics and appliances, a stable current is essential to prevent damage to your equipment.

Well, among portable generators that can produce 1,500 watts of very stable power, we at HGT are particularly fond of the Ramsond Sinemate 1500 Watt Pure Sine Wave Portable Inverter Gasoline Gas Power Generator.

The Ramsond Sinemate 1500 is not your average portable generator. The Sinemate 1500 uses “Pure” sine wave inverter technology, which tech-heads agree is the most advanced and state-of-the-art inverter technology available. Unlike straight digital or “modified” sine wave inverters, pure sine wave technology creates a very smooth waveform, which results in more stable and consistent voltage delivery.  This is vital for maintaining the integrity and operating efficacy of sensitive equipment and electronics.

In addition to using cutting edge pure sine wave technology, the Sinemate 1500 is powerful while remaining extremely lightweight, quiet and fuel efficient. This little generator is roughly 35 pounds but can deliver 1,500 watts of reliable power that can support nearly any standard appliance or tool. Further, it comes with a full power panel, including a 12 volt, 8.3 amp DC outlet for charging with a 12-volt DC plug & wire clamps, one NEMA 20 amp 120-volt outlet, and an optional ECON button, which can be used to conserve gasoline by reducing engine idle speed.

Finally, the Sinemate 1500 is a breeze to start up. It’s equipped with electronic ignition (for which a battery and keys are included) and an optional recoil start if you prefer. Also thrown in with each purchase is a spark plug, oil bottle, charging cable/clamps and a basic tool kit.

While it’s 1,500 watt output is not going to power heavy appliances simultaneously, if you need limited, but truly portable and high-quality pure sine wave power for sensitive electronics, tools and appliances – whether you are at home, the jobsite, the boat, or at the campground – the high-tech Ramsond Sinemate 1500 Watt Pure Sine Wave Portable Inverter Gasoline is the natural, cutting edge choice.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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