Q-See QT5716-8E3-1 16 Channel 960H DVR Surveillance System Review

Q-See QT5716-8E3-1 16 Channel 960H DVR Surveillance System ReviewThe Q-See QT5716-8E3-1 16 Channel surveillance system with 960H DVR and 8 High-Resolution 700TVL/960H Cameras is one of the most powerful yet affordable combos we’ve seen in a long time. If you want very sharp images and the flexibility that a 16 channel system brings, this is a package worth a very close look. Please read on as we examine what comes with this model and the key benefits it provides so you can determine whether it’s the right option for you.

Q-See QT5716-8E3-1 – Quick Specifications

This unit’s DVRs is very robust, and is capable of meeting the needs of residential and commercial users. Notably, it offers 960H recording that, unlike more bargain-oriented models, produces a much wider, more true-to-life image without distortion of dimensions, aspect ratio or loss of crucial details. Moreover, the very fast 30 frame per second real-time recording rate on all 16 channels renders seamless video and minimizes hitching or other picture quality loss.

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In addition, Q-See has made this DVR very straightforward to use and setup. It comes with a very capable start-up wizard program that walks you through process so even novice users can get the system up and running shortly out of the box.  Likewise, this DVR is designed for easy and reliable remote access so you can keep an eye on your property from anywhere you can connect to the web. While many packages are pain to sync up to, the Q-See QT5716-8E3-1 again takes the headache out of the process by using a suite of free Q-See apps so you can watch real-time or recorded video with most popular smartphones and other devices. You can even set the DVR to send alerts and motion-activated snapshots so you are always on top of what’s going on back home.

This package comes with (8) 960H/700 TV Lines cameras for high-res recording.Also noteworthy is the included 1 TB of hard-disc storage space. With today’s video compression technology, that is a lot of space for recorded video, which means you may never have to delete older feeds if you don’t want to. A very nice feature for those who need set-n-forget remote surveillance for extended periods.

Besides using a sophisticated yet user-friendly DVR, this system comes with some of the best cameras you can get in any surveillance package. Specifically, you get (8) 960H/700 TV Lines cameras that are equipped with 36 infrared LEDs that allow up to 100 feet of night vision. These are truly high-res cameras that are fantastic for making out fine details that are often pivotal for helping law enforcement in the event a security breach occurs. And the powerful night vision helps ensure that criminals are not rewarded simply by attempting break-ins under the cover of darkness. We are confident that most users expectations are likely to be exceeded by the sharpness and clarity of these cameras.

Price and Value

Currently selling for about $550 including shipping, we think the Q-See QT5716-8E3-1 16 Channel 960H DVR Surveillance System provides outstanding value. Not only does this package come with (8) high-res cameras, but the DVR is also very high-quality and offers the option of expanding to up to 16 cameras. Indeed, whether you are monitoring a large residential home/estate or a business, it’s hard to get this much surveillance bang for your buck.

Buy the QT5716-8E3-1 16 Channel 960H DVR Surveillance System!Q-See QT5716-8E3-1 – Concluding Thoughts

Perhaps more than any other, Q-See is constantly pushing the envelope in the home surveillance market by producing better and less expensive packages. The QT5716-8E3-1 16 Channel 960H DVR Surveillance System is yet another example of this ideology, and is one of the most value-oriented 16-channel systems currently available. Consequently, if you want to leverage the most current and sophisticated technology without shelling out thousands of dollars for a professionally-installed unit, this package is very hard to beat.

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