Q-See QD6506BH Extreme Weather Camera Review

Q-See QD6506BH

Q-See QD6506BH Extreme Weather Camera

Very hot and cold temperatures can disable or drastically shorten the life of your surveillance camera, unless it’s specifically designed to handle these extremes, like the Q-See QD6506BH Extreme Weather Low Temperature Camera. For more information about this new release from Q-See, please continue reading.

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Much of the nation is subject to wide temperature swings on a seasonal basis. And while this may be uncomfortable for people, it can wreak havoc on the delicate circuitry used in most high-grade exterior surveillance cameras, particularly as they are normally positioned in exposed locations to provide a wider viewing angle.  Whether it’s simple overheating during summer, or frost build-up on the lenses in winter, it really doesn’t matter if your camera stops working.

Fortunately, there is a tougher breed of outdoor cameras available designed to more effectively withstand Mother Nature’s mood swings, such as the very capable Q-See QD6506BH Extreme Weather Low Temperature Camera.

We have reviewed several Q-See products on this site and are always struck at the quality and value they provide, and the Q-See QD6506BH is no exception. This extreme all-weather camera is first and foremost a commercial-grade surveillance cam that brings high resolution (650 TV Lines), great color rendering thanks to its Sony Effio Image Sensor, and impressive night vision capability up to a distance of 120 feet.

Beyond doing what good cameras are supposed to do, however, the Q-See QD6506BH is built to automatically adjust to very hot or cold environments. When subjected to extreme heat, the QD6506BH cools itself with a fan that blows off its circuitry; and when it’s very cold, an internal heating element is initiated to maintain a proper working temperature and prevent icing of the wiring or lens. Further, all of this is encased in a very durable all-metal camera body.

Each camera comes with 60-feet’ worth of cable and a special mounting bracket system that provides numerous mounting options, while concealing power cables to prevent vandals from tampering with its power supply.

Overall, the Q-See QD6506BH Extreme Weather Low Temperature Camera is a very capable outdoor camera, with good resolution, great color rendering, and solid night vision – that also happens to come with some clever extreme weather-handling capability. As such, for those looking to monitor areas that become inhospitable to beast and machine alike, the QD6506BH is a smart way to help ensure that your security system camera stays online when you’d rather not go outside to make sure that it is.

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