Proscan PLED4274A Review

Proscan PLED4274A 42" Slim 1080p LED HDTV

Proscan PLED4274A 42″ Slim 1080p LED HDTV

For those seeking a 42” LED HDTV that delivers full 1080p and a slim design yet is still very affordable, we suggest you take a look at the Proscan PLED4274A 42-Inch Slim LED 1080p HDTV. To see what makes this TV a good deal, please continue reading.

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Shopping for TVs can become a full time job if you want to stay current with all of the developments and new “features” that seem to be constantly released. Of course, not all of these features – or gimmicks – are as important as others, and many people just don’t care to have the latest and greatest refresh rates, 3D capability, or TV browser.

Indeed, many consumers are looking to more basic TVs that are short on bells and whistles but deliver a striking, full HD picture. In other words, the very thing that TVs were originally invented to do.

Well, for folks looking for a simpler LED HDTV that does not cut corners on picture quality, we think that the Proscan PLED4274A 42-Inch Slim LED 1080p HDTV is a good choice.

This TV offers full HD picture quality, a 1400:1 contrast ratio and a 16:9 aspect ratio that will make movie or game night a much more exciting event. And although this set’s refresh rate is only 60hz (compared to the 120hz of more expensive sets), most users shouldn’t notice much of a difference. Faster 120hz refresh rates are intended to prevent blurring during fast-motion broadcasts, like sporting events, for example. But any minimal blurring during a sports telecast would like go unnoticed by most people anyway, especially considering the relatively modest size of this set.  Further, higher refresh rates make for a significantly more expensive TV.

In addition to delivering a great, bright picture, the Proscan PLED4274A comes in a slim design that is undeniably modern and will complement virtually any home décor. This set is wall-mount ready and is compatible with most standard VESA-compliant wall mounts. Alternatively, the TV can be made to sit on the included pedestal stand. Also included is a full remote control that provides access to all of the TV’s functions. This set is equipped with all of the necessary inputs/outputs, including (3) HDMI ports, VGA, YPbPr, pc/audio/stereo outputs, etc.

Overall, if you want a basic 42-inch LED HDTV that produces a bright, striking picture in full HD, and that looks great and comes with key modern features – at a very affordable price – we think the Proscan PLED4274A provides outstanding value and quality rarely seen in its price/specification class.

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