ProForm Power 1080i Treadmill Review

ProForm Power 1080i Treadmill


The new treadmills for 2013 are looking very strong. One model to watch out for is the ProForm Power 1080i Treadmill, which builds on the very successful ProForm 995c platform and now comes with iFit technology built-in. But is it worth it?  For more details about the new 1080i, please continue reading.

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ProForm is a perennial favorite among avid runners, consistently ranking among the biggest names in treadmill technology year after year. Now, among its 2013 lineup, ProForm has released its new Power 1080i Treadmill, which appears to be selling for roughly $200 more than the ProForm 995c, with which it shares nearly all of the same features.

The Power 1080i, like the highly-acclaimed 995c, comes with a powerful track motor; however, the 1080i has a 3.25 HP motor, which is slightly more powerful than the 3.0 HP version in the 995c. While you may not notice the difference, it’s always nice to have a stronger track motor to ensure smooth and reliable track movement, even at higher speeds and under heavy loads.

Another difference is the 1080i’s onboard technology. While the 995c has an iFit compatible console, the Power 1080i comes with iFit Technology built-in to the console. If you haven’t heard of iFit, it’s a truly amazing internet-based workout concept that uses WiFi and integrated memory to connect with iFit servers to access and develop customized workouts with Google mapping. iFit also continually receives information from your workout equipment (in this case, the 1080i), including resistance, speed, incline, etc., to give you valuable feedback and data for further workout gains. If iFit is important to you, this new integrated feature alone would probably justify the 1080i over the 995c.

Finally, the 1080i has a longer, 5 year parts and 2 year labor warranty, and a slightly beefed up 10” backlit display, which is three inches larger than that equipped with the 995c.  Like the 995c, the 1080i’s display also comes with ProForm’s RaceTrack feature – a progress indicator that shows your position by using a track-style image format.

Beyond these features, the two treadmills are virtually identical:  both come with a convenient folding deck design; each have numerous workout apps (the 1080i actually has 32 vs. 30 for the 995c); each comes with high quality chest pulse straps and a grip-style EKG monitor; each uses a low-impact ProShox cushioned deck; and each features an advanced sound system that is compatible with the iPod.

Overall, we like the new ProForm Power 1080i over its 995c predecessor. Although the 995c was very well-received by the running community, for a relatively insignificant additional cost, the 1080i provides more value by taking the 995c’s already great design and beefing it up with a more powerful motor, built-in iFit technology, a larger display, and a longer product warranty.

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