PowerPro 56405 Review

PowerPro 56405 Portable Generator ReviewFor those seeking a good backup power source to keep key appliances running during outages, or a convenient portable power source for recreating or running tools at a remote job site, the PowerPro 56405 is a good choice that provides lots of value.

But what else should you know about it before purchasing? And how does it compare to the numerous other models in its class?

Please keep reading as we take a much closer look at this generator so you can decide for yourself whether its worth your hard-earned dollar.

PowerPro 56405 – Key Specifications & Features

4050 Surge & 3250 Running Watts

The beefy 212cc, 7-horsepower OHV engine on the 56405 generates a total of 4050 surge watts and 3250 running watts, which is good for operating a few power-hungry appliances (fridge, window AC unit, etc.), power tools (circular saws, power drills, miter saws, etc.) and/or many smaller items, such as lamps, radios, TVs, etc. This makes it a good choice for keeping the lights and other key equipment running during storm outages, or simply enjoying some creature comforts while camping or recreating far from the grid. It’s also a handy genset for contractors who need to use a few power tools at remote job sites.

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Top view of PowerPro 56405 Portable Generator10-Hour Runtime @ 1/2 Load

With this model’s generous 3.1 gallon gasoline tank, the PowerPro 56405 can run for approximately 10 hours when set to half of maximum operating load. This is a solid runtime for a conventional generator, and a bit better than the usual 8-hour runtime we typically see. The extra couple hours may not seem like much, but this does make a big difference in terms of convenience when running the unit continuously. Also nice is the top-located fuel gauge, which lets you know how much you’ve get left in the tank at a glance.

The PowerPro 56405 comes with a full power panel and hour meter.Full Power Panel

For a smaller generator, this comes with a well-appointed power panel, which features a total of  (4) 120V/20 amp standard 3-prong outlets, and (1) 120v/30 amp twist-lock outlet. It also comes with a circuit breaker and a convenient hour meter.

Good Noise Reducing System

A portable generator will always make some sound when running, but the good news is that the PowerPro 56405 is pretty moderate on this score, registering approximately 67 decibels of sound measured at a distance of 23 feet. This is fairly tolerable compared to conventional generators generally, and most users should find this unit to be fairly low-noise relative to most other similarly-rated options. The muffler also has a spark-arresting system so that the generator can be run in park lands /camp grounds.

This model is equipped with a solid wheel kit that compliments the unit's color and design.Easy Manual Start

This model uses a pull start mechanism; however, it is reported to work very well, usually starting up on the first pull after initial break in.

Solid Wheel Kit

This model uses a sturdy tubular-frame wheel kit fitted with all-terrain wheels, making the entire unit quite easy to move from one location to another.

Attractive Design

Not that portable generators need to look good, but the PowerPro 56405 does, with a clean looking red generator body accentuated with a black wheel kit and tubular frame.

User Reviews & Ratings

PowerPro 56405 User Reviews & Satisfaction RatingsTo date, this model has earned a very impressive average satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars on amazon.com. So what do users say about it?

The vast majority of users praised the PowerPro for handling lots of high-draw appliances, starting reliably, and operating with moderate to low noise compared to other models. They also commended the customer support center, which appeared to quickly address some minor shipping damage some individuals experienced. In addition, several users reported success running TV and electronic equipment, which ordinarily is best powered with inverter type generators. As far as negative reviews, there was only one, from a user who evidently had problems running a computer. However, this seemed to conflict with the other reviews that indicated otherwise.

Price and Value

The PowerPro 56405 provides excellent value for a portable generator currently selling for approximately $350 shipped. Indeed, this is about as inexpensive as a 4,000 watt generator gets in our experience. However, this model brings better than average runtime, lower-noise and outstanding ratings relative to the field, making it a very good buy at this price.

Buy the PowerPro 56405 at the lowest price!Concluding Thoughts & Recommendations

If you need to power several energy-hungry appliances at home or somewhere off the grid, we think the PowerPro 56405 portable generator is a very smart choice. This model generates good power, can run for 10 hours on a full tank at half load, is comparatively quiet compared to many other generators, and comes with a full power panel and nice all around design. Moreover, it has proven itself to be a reliable starter, and is available for a great price at the moment that makes it one of our very top picks in the 4,000 watt class. In short, this is a 5-star deal!

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