Powerhouse 2000Wi 60376 Inverter Generator Review

Powerhouse 60376


If you are shopping for a small, lightweight portable generator that is great for the home and perfect for camping / recreational activities, then take a good look at the Powerhouse 60376 2000Wi, CARB Compliant Inverter Generator. Please read on for further details.

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Portable generators are wonderful, but – unless you can easily benchpress your body weight – most of the higher-wattage units are not all that portable. Fortunately though, if you are a looking for a smaller model for running smaller appliances around the home, or a generator that you can easily pick up and bring to the campground, then you are in luck, because the Powerhouse 60376 2000Wi Inverter Generator is here.

The Powerhouse 2000Wi has a lot going for it.  It’s only a couple feet long and roughly 60 pounds in weight, but it’s very efficient alternator and inverter technology can deliver 1,900 running watts & 2,000 surge watts of electricity – enough to power several small home appliances / electronic devices simultaneously. Moreover, it can do so while emitting very low emissions. For this reason, the 60376 easily clears the emission standard bars set by EPA, CSA and CARB (good news for you Californians).

In addition, thanks to its cutting-edge inverter technology, the quality of the electricity produced is top notch. Typically, portable generators produce a square waveform (AC) during each rotation of the engine. This waveform shape is not optimal for producing efficient, stable current, especially for sensitive, or higher-end personal electronics. The Powerhouse 60376’s inverter, however, generates a very clean “sine” waveform like the type emanating from your home’s outlets – which results in cleaner and more stable current that is perfect for the most modern home/personal electronics and appliances.

Other noteworthy features of this little generator include a reliable recoil start with manual choke, variable engine speed adjustment, an internal circuit breaker, emergency shutoff, and a power panel with duplex 120V, 20A 5-20R outlets.

In our view, the Powerhouse 60376 2000Wi Inverter Generator is a terrific new portable model. It’s light, efficient, delivers plenty of power, and is safe for even the most sensitive electronics. Further, it runs exceptionally clean and is easy to start. As such, it’s an outstanding choice for those working close to the home or lounging at the campsite.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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