Poulan Pro PR521 Review

If you are looking for the power of a gas powered snow thrower, but seek the maneuverability and lighter weight of an electric model, then perhaps the model that combines the best of both is the Poulan Pro PR521 21-Inch 136cc Single Stage Snow Thrower.

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For many areas in the US that normally experience relatively light (<6 inch deep) snowfall, it may be overkill to purchase a typical gas-powered snow blower. Traditionally, gas powered models are very heavy, difficult to move, steer and are just plain cumbersome. Indeed, this bulk and inconvenience often makes it difficult to use these models for the ordinary lighter snowfall, given the chore of simply removing the units from the shed or garage. Accordingly, many are looking for lighter snow blowers, or turning to ultra-lightweight electric snow blowers.

Electric snow blowers, on the other hand, while super-maneuverable, often lack the power necessary to deal with wetter snow, and can sometimes become bogged down in all but the fluffiest snow. Fortunately, there are gas powered models that are more compact and maneuverable, yet still retain the power needed to deal with even wet, sloppy snow. An excellent example of one such model is the Poulan Pro PR521 21-Inch 136cc Single Stage Snow Thrower.

The Poulan Pro PR521 uses an ultra-high quality and lightweight 136cc LCT engine coupled with an 8-inch diameter auger/impellor and 13-inch intake height. This engine/auger combination has the muscle to blaze a 21-inch clearing path and throw the snow well out of your way with its adjustable directional chute. This model also features an auger driven speed drive and easy pull-start.

Further, with its comparatively light weight (roughly only 80 pounds), this little snow blower is a dream to handle and can run circles around your average hulking snow thrower. As such, you won’t have to dread pulling this unit out of the shed or steering it around your narrow, twisting walkways.

We at HGT give the Poulan Pro PR521 very high marks for its light weight, premium quality gas engine and wide clearing path. Of course, while we don’t suggest this model for very deep snow, it’s a perfect option for areas that ordinarily receive light snows up to 6-8” in depth.

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