Poulan PRO PR241 Gas Snowthrower Review

The Poulan PRO PR241 – 24-Inch 208cc Two Stage Electric Start Snowthrower may be your best friend to combat piling snow around your home and your driveway, that is if it’s important that you make it out of your home or driveway! Thanks to modern technology, this snowthrower makes getting rid of snow no longer such a painful experience.

Poulan PRO PR241 Review


However, with many electric snow throwers on the market, you may have a hard time getting one that best suits your needs and is reliable. Here is our take on PRO PR241 to help give you a better understanding of this model and what it offers.

Features, Specifications, and Benefits

Compact two stage design

The Poulan Pro engineThe Poulan PRO PR241 is a two-stage thrower that features power assisted wheels that not only allow you to clear large areas without strain, but also lets you clear snow from slopes, which is often a challenge for many other models. The is snowthrower runs on 15-inch wheels and boasts adjustable skid shoes that allow you to adjust the height of the scrape, all of which makes it possible to clear snow across a wide variety of surfaces including dirt, ice, and concrete.

Powerful engine and power steering

As a cold weather engine, the Poulan PRO boasts a 208 cc gas engine that runs smoothly and quietly. The powerful engine is not intimidated by hard work and takes away any strain while clearing your yard. Moreover, it roars to life with an easy electric starter that eliminates not only the frustration associated with recoil starters but also dreaded cold weather starting issues.

Powerful ribbon augersThe easy to use blower boasts power steering capability with the direction control gear conveniently located high on the right handle for ease of access. To allow you to the ability to clear snow at your most convenient pace, the thrower features two backward speeds and four forward speeds controllable by a gear level on the right handle. The variation in speeds allows you to plow anything from light snow to heavy slush without straining your back.

Wide area coverage

The DB7659 boasts a 23-inch wide snow auger and 24 inch clearing path to allow you to clear more ground in less time. Coupled with a powerful engine, adjustable speed, and directions, Poulan PRO makes quick work of any snow piling up in the residential setting.

This compact model plows through snow piles of up to 16 inches with relative ease, taking the shortest amount of time and the least amount of strain. Adjusting more than just the speed, gears let you clear the piling snow at the most appropriate speeds.

Electric StartHigh speeds best suit light snow piles, an inch or two, while the lower gears let your attack compact snow that result after a street plow without breaking a sweat.

Rotatable discharge chute

The discharge chute on the Poulan PRO offers full throw adjustment, from left to right, to best suit your unique set up. Turning the chute handle allows you to change the discharge direction while notches on the chute locks in place.

Sturdy tires

The 15-inch tires make the thrower stand tall while clearing snow and feature an aggressive tread that reduces slipping incidences, which not only increases your safety but also lets you clear quicker.

Small sized and lighter than regular two stage blowers

Poulan Pro PR241 quick specificationsThe model suits everyone irrespective of age or fitness level. The powerful engine means the operator exerts less effort while blowing and the small and lightweight nature makes for easy hauling and storage. The Poulan PRO makes an attractive choice for people in average shape or advanced in age, as it does not put much strain on their bodies.

Includes accessories

Each unit ships with manuals, oil-filling funnel, oil draining pipe, a spark plug wrench and two shearing bolts for the front augers. The oil filling accessories make it easy to fuel the blower, and the fuel cap is large for ease of handling with a gloved hand.

Consensus of Users

The Poulan PRO boast rave reviews from users who appreciate many of its compact features. Customers were especially impressed with the small, powerful engine, the ability to change speeds, and the adjustable thrower chute. The touch ignition and colder weather climate engine are a big winner for many customers, particularly those who had problems with other starter models.

Some of the users, however, expressed concerns about the lack of effective after sale service when their blowers broke down. Some were especially vexed by the poor customer care services that takes too long to address their issues.  However, these issues appeared isolated.

Poulan PRO PR241 in action

Overall Conclusion

The Poulan PRO PR241 makes a great purchase in our book for those who experience moderately heavy snowfall. The 16-inch intake height coupled with adjustable driving speeds allow you to tackle piles of snow confidently without any apprehension. Small and compact, the powerful blower will not tax your body as you clear your driveway or backyard. Retailing around $500, this blower is also priced fairly consider the quality, power and durability of its engine and above-average feature site. A good choice for those looking for a quick and convenient method of clearing snow without breaking the bank.

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