Poulan Pro PB22H46YT V-Twin Riding Lawn Tractor Review

The value and quality of Poulan Pro riding mowers is something we are very familiar with. However, among all of the models we’ve looked at recently, the most impressive would have to be the Poulan Pro PB22H46YT V-Twin Riding Lawn Tractor.

Let’s discuss in more detail just what it is that sets this model apart for us.

Poulan Pro PB22H46YT – Key Features

A Big & Powerful, 22-HP V-Twin Briggs & Stratton Engine

All of the Poulan Pro model’s we’ve looked at feature great engines, but this one has the largest. It’s fitted with a monster 724 cc, 22-horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine. But that’s not all, this is a “V-Twin” engine. What’s the difference? According to Briggs and Stratton, this engine has commercial grade power and durability with low operating noise –  in short, it’s a cut above the standard power plant. For fans of Briggs and Stratton engines, this feature alone is worth the modest price of this riding mower.

Foot Pedal Hydrostatic Transmission

A huge comfort that the Poulan Pro PB22H46YT brings is a “true” Hydrostatic foot pedal control transmission. The ease of using this pedal mechanism over often clumsy gear levers cannot be overstated. A foot pedal transmission allows smooth and consistent transfer of power without annoying hand clutch issues. We’re confident that once you get used to this type of trannie, you won’t want to go back!

A Bigger Cutting Deck

For those with big yards or estates, take note of the large, 46-inch cutting deck. This deck is heavy-gauge and painted for greater weather-resistance. You will likely be surprised just how quickly you can finish jobs with this much cutting width.

The Benefit of Cruise Control

This is yet another comfort that can make your life easier. By setting the cruise control mechanism, you can cut large stretches of lawn without the need to constantly monitor throttle and cutting speed. Moreover, the consistent rate of speed you can achieve is likely to result in a better, more uniform cut, making it perfect for yards that you really want to showcase.

Three-Gallon Fuel Tank

Do you hate having to suspend your work to refill? So do we, and this is much less likely with the Poulan Pro PB22H46YT’s 3-gallon tank.

Unusually Tight Turning Radius

One of the biggest complaints of riding mowers is how they can sometimes struggle to cut closely around trees and other objects. Well, this is not a problem with the Poulan Pro PB22H46YT. This mower boasts an extremely impressive 16-inch turning radius – one of the tightest we’ve seen. With this high level of maneuverability, you shouldn’t need a smaller mower to get into the tight spots.

All-Around Riding Comfort

This mower is made with commercial grade performance and longevity in mind, but it does not sacrifice comfort at all. On the contrary, most users will feel a bit spoiled to say the least with this model’s 15-Inch easy-slide, high back seat and premium steering wheel.

Easy Step Through Design

This riding lawn mower is a real breeze to get on and off of. This is very important when you need to briefly clear obstacles or take quick breaks for whatever reason. The frame allows you to very effortlessly get off and back onto the mower with no knee-jamming.

Fantastic Value

At it’s current sales price, which is hovering around $2,000, we have to say that this model provides a lot of riding mower for the money. In particular, the Briggs and Stratton commercial-grade V-Twin engine, hydrostatic pedal transmission and big horsepower make this one of the best value lawn tractors you are going to find anywhere.

Anything Downside to the Poulan Pro PB22H46YT?

Poulan Pro PB22H46YT V-Twin Riding Lawn Tractor The only thing that disappointed us is that this model is not CARB-Compliant, which is unfortunate for Californians interested in this mower. Beyond that, we think this is a professional grade lawn tractor that has no particular weak spots that we can see.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are searching for a commercial-grade riding lawn mower that not only provides outstanding value, but also a level of quality and user comfort that is uncommon in its price range, then the Poulan Pro PB22H46YT V-Twin Riding Lawn Tractor is a logical choice. While we are big fans of Poulan Pro lawn tractors generally, the PB22H46YT is simply a cut above in our view, which more than makes up for its relatively modest higher price tag compared to other Poulan Pro options.

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