Poulan Pro PB17542LT 6-Speed Lawn Tractor Review

The newly-released Poulan Pro PB17542LT 6-Speed Lawn Tractor is becoming a favorite for delivering quality and power in an inexpensive package. See what we like about this model and whether it’s the right fit for your budget and needs.

Key Features of the Poulan Pro PB17542LT

Powerful Briggs and Stratton Engine

As we’ve said many times before, you just can’t go wrong with Briggs and Stratton power plants, and the Poulan Pro comes with a very punchy 17.5 horsepower model. This kind of power will carry even the largest users with ease and still get the job done with no fuss. The quality of this engine simply cannot be overstated in our view.

A Very Generous Cutting Deck

To make your lawn-cutting as quick and effortless as possible, this mower is equipped with a large, 42-inch deck. This can cut very wide swaths through the biggest properties, which is precisely what you want a riding lawn mower for in the first place.

A Versatile 6-Speed Transmission

There are many that love their manual transmissions, and we can see why. Picking your gears as needed is perhaps the best way to maximize engine power and efficiency, when done correctly. The good news is that manual transmission junkies can have a field day with the Poulan Pro PB17542LT, which comes with 6-speeds that can be shifted through with a handy side lever. This is especially nice for hilly, boggy properties where those low gears will come in handy.

Beefy Riding Tires

Like other Poulan Pro tractors we’ve reviewed, this one too comes with great, 20-inch all-terrain tires. This allows you to go pretty much over any surface with ease, while still retaining sufficient traction.

Superb Maneuverability

Despite the power of this lawn tractor, it’s surprisingly nimble. Specifically, this model is able to turn within a mere 18-inch radius. We can’t tell you how often the subject of maneuverability comes up when comparing various models, so we are very happy to see that the Poulan Pro has not sacrificed maneuverability for great power (as many others tend to).


Finally, whether or not you are in California, the much more stringent emission controls that make this model CARB-compliant are a good thing for you and your immediate environment. There are so many good tractors that lack this compliance, so we are very happy to report that Californians can enjoy this model just like everyone else!

Super Value!

Currently selling for roughly $1,500, this tractor is an outstanding deal. We are particularly surprised to see a tractor in this range that comes with a Briggs and Stratton engine. Just in terms of value alone, this tractor is very hard to beat.

Any Downsides to the Poulan Pro PB17542LT 6-Speed Lawn Tractor?

Poulan Pro PB17542LT 6-Speed Lawn Tractor - a great value!There are no obvious shortcomings or sacrifices with this model that we’re aware of. One user indicated that it would be nice to cut in reverse, but this is something that most users will never need. Perhaps the biggest thing is just getting used to moving through the gears if you are unfamiliar with riding mowers. Beyond that, this is a very solid mower that should not disappoint.

Concluding Thoughts

As we’ve found with many Poulan Pro products, the Poulan Pro PB17542LT 6-Speed Lawn Tractor is an extremely value-driven model that does not short on key features and should meet or exceed the expectations of the vast majority of users. In our view, a solid engine and transmission are the real key factors when comparing tractors, and the Poulan Pro delivers on both counts. Moreover, it does so without the high price tag we normally expect from similarly-rated lawn tractors. In short, this is an outstanding tractor at an even more incredible price!

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