Poolvergnuegen The Poolcleaner 2X/4X Suction Review

Poolvergnuegen (The Poolcleaner) 2X

Poolvergnuegen (The Poolcleaner) 2X

Among the  suction vacuum pool cleaners available on the market today, the Poolvergnuegen (The Poolcleaner) 2X and 4X models are among the most popular and highly rated. But is this hype for real, and are they worth the cost? For more information and our thoughts on The Poolcleaner, please read on.

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Suction pool cleaners that attach to your existing pool pump port or skimmer are a brilliant invention – they require no additional expenditure of electricity; they can clean automatically without user manipulation; and they can work almost continuously when you are away from home to ensure a clean, inviting pool when you return.

But not all suction pool cleaners are equally effective, however. In addition to the popular Hayward line, we really like the Poolvergnuegen “The Poolcleaner” models (both 2X and 4X).

The Poolcleaner is powered like other suction-driven vacuums; however, this model uses an interesting turbine system and oversized knobbed tires that accommodate larger debris and allow The Poolcleaner additional grip to crawl along your pool bottom, climb up the sides and even crawl out of your pool in some cases!  Moreover, it’s designed to cover your pool thoroughly thanks to 5 different programmed sets of turns, and it’s very good at moving around and over things that might stop other cleaners, like drains, corners, or odd surfaces. This model can be connected directly to a suction port or a skimmer.

This cleaner comes in 2X (two wheel) and 4x (four wheel) models. The 2X model is adequate for pools with relatively standard length hoses. For example, if your 40-foot pool is equipped with a skimmer/suction port along the middle of the pool (i.e., 20 feet from either end), then the 2X is sufficient. However, if this same 40 foot pool has its suction/skimmer port at one end, then the cleaner will have to drag roughly double the hose to reach the opposite end, making the 4X model a better choice. Quite simply, the additional tires on the 4X are there to more effectively drag a longer hose.

User satisfaction ratings of The Poolcleaner 2X/4X are consistently 4-5 star. Once users tweak the suction sufficiently so the cleaner does not crawl out of the pool, they consistently report that this model is excellent at picking up large leaves and debris. They also report fantastic durability and a simple design that makes for easy cleaning/troubleshooting in the event of clogs.

Overall, among suction pool cleaners, we are very impressed by The Poolcleaner 2X/4X line and easily give it 5-stars. And while it’s similar to the Hayward suction cleaners, we would have to give the edge to The Poolcleaner for its even better climbing ability and simpler design, which makes it more reliable and easier to fix by the typical consumer.

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