Pneo Snuza Hero Baby Monitor Review

Pneo Snuza Baby Monitor, Hero


Peace of mind when it comes to your child safety while sleeping is indeed priceless.  But for a relative bargain, Pneo’s Snuza Hero Baby Monitor will alert you in the event your attention is needed. For more details about this wonderful baby monitoring product by Pneo, please read on.

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Whether you are simply nervous about your young child sleeping alone, or you’re concerned about his or her belly-sleeping habits, or perhaps some medical condition that can potentially impact their breathing, it makes sense to purchase a baby monitor. One that we really like for producing few false alarms and being very well-received by parents is the Pneo Snuza Hero Baby Monitor.

The Snuza Hero is designed to monitor your baby’s breathing movements to ensure that all is well during their sleep. And if for some reason movement is not detected by the Snuza Hero for 15 seconds, it will initiate vibration to coax some movement. And if no movement is detected within five seconds following this stimulation, then the Snuza Hero will sound an alarm to notify you.

In addition to using precision motion sensing technology, the Snuza Hero is very well-made with only the safest medical-grade plastic parts, which are also hypo-allergenic. You may also rest easy knowing that this product does not use or produce radio frequency signals and has no cords that can entangle your baby.  All you need to do is clip it on your baby’s waistband and go to bed. Each unit comes with a replaceable battery and is backed by a comprehensive 1 year warranty.

Indeed, the stories of parents’ satisfaction with the Snuza Hero are compelling. They consistently report how well made this monitor is, and how well it allows them to sleep despite their worries. They also comment how rare it is for this unit to produce false alarms.

We agree with these glowing 5-star satisfaction ratings. In our view, the Pneo Snuza Hero Baby Monitor is one of those few purchases in life that are inexpensive, yet deliver so much performance and peace of mind.

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