Panda XPB36 Compact Portable Washing Machine Review

Panda Portable Washing Machine

Panda XPB36 Compact Portable Washing Machine

Portable washing machines are great, if you respect their limitations. For a good model that can get the job done at a very affordable price, we suggest you take a look at the newly-released Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine with Spin Dryer (model XPB36). To see why we think this is a good buy, please keep reading.

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If you live in a dorm, small apartment or condo, or need a washing machine for the RV or  campground, a portable model may be a good option. However, keep in mind that most truly portable units can typically only handle around 6 lbs of laundry, which is less than half of the capacity of most top loaders. As a result, you must prepare to do more loads at wash time!

Among the portable washing machines out there right now, one model that has consistently earned 5-stars for performance and reliability is the newly-released Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine with Spin Dryer.

The Panda Portable Washing machine is very light, weighing in at only 28 lbs. Nevertheless, it has a good 6-7 lb capacity, which is pretty standard for the class. In addition, it comes with a 3 pound-capacity spin dryer that can achieve an impressive 1,300 RPMs, making it very good at spinning your clothes nearly dry.

As far as using it, the Panda could not be any easier. Just connect it to your water source, fill, and choose your wash cycle length with the timer. The unit’s drainage pump allows it to drain pretty much anywhere, including your bathtub or sink. Reported wash cycle times range between 5 to 15 minutes for light to heavy soiled laundry. A typical spin dryer cycle is between 4 to 5 minutes.

Beyond coming with good specifications for a portable washing machine, the Panda has proven itself to be effective and reliable, as evidenced by the consistently 5-star reviews it’s received. Specifically, users are very happy with the Panda’s performance, portability and affordability, although some seem a bit surprised by actually how small this washer really is.

In our view, if you want a portable washing machine that is light enough to bring just about anywhere and does a good job, the Panda XPB36 Compact Portable Washing Machine is a smart choice:  it has a good capacity for a portable; cleans well; has a great spin dryer; and it’s very easy to use. Moreover, it’s currently selling for much less than any other similarly-rated portable, making it a tremendous value as well.

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