Oregon PowerNow CS250-A6 40-Volt Chainsaw Review

If you want big-time cutting power but still desire the benefits of clean, electric power, we think you will love the Oregon PowerNow CS250-A6 40-Volt Chainsaw. But don’t take our word for it, follow along as we discuss this model’s specs, ratings and what others are saying about its performance and value.

Oregon PowerNow CS250-A6 Overview & Specifications

Battery Pack & Runtime

While the earlier version was very respectable, the new 4.0Ah, 40V MAX Lithium Ion battery at the heart of the new CS250-A6 is remarkable. It’s rated to give you 66% more run time than the C5250E6. Moreover, with its state-of-the-art cell technology, you can expect steady power that doesn’t wane, and a charge that can be held for months until needed. In fact, this chainsaw can reportedly cut up to 400 tree limbs ranging from 2 t0 3 inches in diameter on a single charge; this is simply amazing and largely unheard of among electric chainsaws. This model is equipped with a standard charging unit.

Oregon PowerNow CS250-A6 40-Volt Chainsaw Saw Chain

As you might guess from the world’s leading manufacturer of saw chains, Oregon has fitted the PowerNow CS250-A6 with a top of the line chain, which comes with a self-sharpening system (the “PowerSharp System”) to keep it ready for action.

Starting Mechanism

Unlike gas models, this chainsaw starts with a simple trigger pull, predictably and reliably. No need to tune anything or to engage in tiresome cranking.

Cutting Power

For an electric chainsaw, this is a veritable beast, and can go through even larger trees/limbs over a foot in diameter with little problem. Users report making short work out of large woodpiles of timber between 6 and 8 inches in diameter in a single charge. Of course, it is still no match for a large gas-powered chainsaw, but we’d bet that it has more than enough power for the vast majority of consumers who are looking to maintain their property and dig out of the fallout from storms.

Weight, Noise & Vibration

Perhaps more than any others, the three things that most users will be surprised at is just how light, quiet and steady this chainsaw is. These attributes alone are enough for us to recommend this model to most people that do not make a living cutting wood. In particular, the lightweight and easy to handle nature of this powerful electric makes it perfect for the weekend yard-warrior who wants to clear a mess or cut wood without waking up the neighbors.

Oregon PowerNow CS250-A6 Reviews & Ratings

This electric chainsaw has enjoyed a truly stellar reception by users, and currently holds an average satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars on amazon.com, based on a total of a 100 user reviews. This speaks volumes about how much people love the CS250-A6. However, what exactly do they praise it for?

Users glow about the power, lightweight design, long runtime and lack of signficant vibration. Whether they are clearing deadfalls, chopping firewood or cutting unwanted trees, users confirm that this saw has the power and runtime to routinely drop trees/limbs well over a foot in diameter. Further, the battery pack’s ability to hold a charge and stir the unit to life after long storage times is also a big factor contributing to its popularity.

Oregon PowerNow CS250-A6 40-Volt Chainsaw Ratings

The only consistent complaints received were aimed at runtime and performance compared to gas models. Regardless how far batteries have come, users will always want them to last longer. Likewise, some complained because chain speed was not comparable to a gas-burner. These are typical notes applicable to virtually any electric chainsaw. Yes, they do have their limits, but as we said earlier, most users will likely never need the RPMs and power of gas models.

Price & Value

Oregon PowerNow CS250-A6 40-Volt Chainsaw in action!Selling at the moment for just over $400, this is no cheap chainsaw, but it’s not built like one either. This is about as good as an electric chainsaw gets, and it can nearly match the power and versatility of many gas models, without all of the fumes, noise and vibration that go with them. In that light, it is very much worth its selling price in our view!

Concluding Thoughts

Unless you cut trees for a living, we can think of no reason why you will not love the Oregon PowerNow CS250-A6 40-Volt Chainsaw. It is very powerful, has a very long-lasting battery pack; its super light, has virtually no vibration, and cuts relatively quietly compared to a gas chainsaw. In addition, you never need to worry about storing flammable liquids or tinkering around with needy gas engines; just pull the trigger and get to work. From firewood-cutting to occasional tree-clearing and strom cleanup, this is an ideal choice that will almost certainly not disappoint!

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