Oreck BU10000 Touch Upright Review

Oreck Touch Upright Bagless

Oreck Touch Upright Bagless

The brand new Oreck Touch Upright Bagless is a powerful, intuitively-designed and virtually maintenance-free cyclonic vacuum that offers tremendous value quality compared to many other bagless models currently available. For more information about this hot new release from Oreck, please continue reading.

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Who doesn’t love cyclonic-action vacuums? They offer excellent power, easy dust disposal, and don’t suffer from degrading performance due to the inevitable clogging that plagues traditional designs. Of course, no-loss-of-suction vacuums were traditionally very expensive, and were cost-prohibitive for many consumers.

Well, they say competition benefits consumers – and it has. Oreck has been active on the bagless front and now has its own line of cyclonic uprights, the newest of which being the Oreck BU10000 Touch Upright Bagless Vacuum.

The BU10000 is refreshing in that it’s borne of high-tech, but is very easy to use. In fact, ease of use was the underlying theme during this model’s development. As a result, this model has been designed to interact with its user through 5 specific and intuitive “touchpoints.”

The first touchpoint is the unit’s easy-to-access Quick Wand, which offers a fast, powerful solution for on the fly spot cleaning as you vacuum. Second is the innovative dust canister design, which uses a lever to permit waste disposal so your hands stay clean. Third is a highly-responsive swivel steering mechanism that allows this vacuum to pivot and duck under/around furniture nimbly and easily. Fourth is a cleaning head that automatically adjusts to the surface being cleaned; in other words, it can sense and optimize when you move from carpets to hard floors without you doing anything at all. And fifth is the Touch’s motorized brushroll that can be turned on and off via a simple fingertip control.

Besides coming with a simple 5-feature core design and cyclonic power, the Oreck comes with other benefits that are not as apparent, like its state-of-the-art High Efficiency Particulate Air (“HEPA”) filter that traps ultra-fine dust/allergens and can be washed and reused rather than needing costly replacement like other filter media. As a result, not only is the BU10000 easy to use, but it’s very easy and inexpensive to maintain as well.

Finally, user reviews of the Touch Upright have been so far glowing; with users typically giving this vacuum 4-5 star satisfaction ratings. In particular, purchasers are impressed by the outstanding power maneuverability, and low maintenance cost of this model – in addition to its overall great quality and simple design.

We agree with these reports. In our view, if you are interested in a high-quality bagless vacuum that comes with very powerful cyclonic technology but is unusually straightforward to use and maintain, then the brand new Oreck BU10000 Touch Upright Bagless Vacuum is a natural choice.

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