Nissan LEAF Plug-In Residential Level 2 EVSE-RS Charger Review

Nissan LEAF Plug-In Level 2 Charger

Nissan LEAF Plug-In Level 2 EVSE Charger

AeroVironment is one of the most trusted names in electric car chargers. And now it has released the Nissan LEAF Plug-In Residential EV Charger – an exciting plug & play version of its 5-star residential level 2-charger we previously reviewed. For more information about this exciting new model from AeroVironment, please keep reading.

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AeroVironment essentially wrote the book on car charging, and we were happy to feature the AeroVironment EVSE-RS Residential EV Level 2 Charger on this site previously. However, a new level 2 charger is available that features all of things we loved about the original, but now comes in a plug in version that can be installed easily and moved around the home to any dedicated 240 volt outlet; we are talking about the Nissan LEAF Plug-In Residential EV Charger.

Like its precursor, the Nissan LEAF The station is SAE-J1772 compliant and is compatible with virtually any battery electric (BEV) or plug-in hybrid (PHEV) SAE standard vehicle. However, what the Nissan LEAF offers that its predecessor didn’t is a quick home installation process.  Unlike previous versions that had to be hard-wired to a fixed location, this EVSE-RS Level 2 plug-in charger simply slides into the included wall-mounted bracket, which makes it possible for electric vehicle junkies to carry their charging station wherever they roam.  All that is necessary is a dedicated 240 volt outlet to plug it into.

In addition, like the rest of AeroVironment’s EVSE-RS line, the Nissan LEAF Level 2 EVSE-RS Plug-In is super straightforward to use. This charger displays a green light when the station is ready for use and is designed to automatically stop charging once your battery is “full” or topped off. Moreover, this portable charger is equipped with important safety features to prevent damage to either you or the unit.

Overall, there is nothing about the Nissan LEAF Level 2 Plug-In EVSE-RS Residential EV Charger that we can really fault:  it brings the same high quality as the original 5-star residential charger unit but now in a portable model that easily mounts with a simple DIY kit and can be used anywhere a dedicated 240 volt outlet is available.

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