Ninja BL770 MEGA Blender Review

If you are looking for a powerful, yet affordable, blender, juicer, food processor and dough mixer, then check out the hot new Ninja BL770 MEGA Blender.

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Juicers and food processors have become very popular lately.  It’s no wonder why.  It seems that we are learning each day about some fruit or vegetable that has been found to have some beneficial health property.  For these reasons, many people are looking for ways to easily consume many different types of fruits and vegetables, and have realized that juice machines and blenders are a good way to do this.

However, you don’t necessarily need a blender and a juicer.  Indeed, higher-quality blenders can process foods, juice fruits and veggies, and perform still other functions, besides just making smoothies.  However, to handle these various roles, a blender needs some extra pep and features.  Take for example, the Ninja BL770 MEGA Blender.

Ninja has been producing great new kitchen equipment lately, including blenders. And this model does not disappoint. First of all, this is a powerful blender.  It comes with a heavy base and an impressive 1,500 watt, 2 – horsepower motor.  With this kind of power and stability, you can easily liquefy frozen foods and mix heavy dough that would quickly bog down or burn out lesser units.  Further, each blender comes with Ninja’s high-quality mixing blade set, a 72 oz pitcher, 64 oz bowl, and single serve 16 oz cups, so  you are prepared to handle pretty much any blending, mixing or food processing job you care to take on.

Ninja has been getting high marks for its blenders overall, and the BL770 MEGA appears to be on the cutting edge of its product line.  We particularly like its strong motor and pitcher/bowl/single serve set, and feel that the price is right for the power and flexibility this system affords.  Accordingly, we think the BL770 MEGA is a great choice for anyone looking to get into some serious juicing, food processing, frozen blending or dough mixing, without spending serious cash.

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