NewAir AC12000H Review

41YgZVTowL_003The NewAir AC12000H is a powerful and remarkably compact 12000 BTU portable air conditioner that also comes with a very efficient heat pump. To learn much more about this unit and what we think about it, please keep reading.

NewAir AC12000H Specifications

With 12000 BTUs, the AC12000H is rated to cover a room of roughly 425 square feet in size, and with it’s incorporated heat pump, this model can both cool and heat most larger spaces in the home for year round comfort.

NewAir AC12000HThis is a single exhaust hose model that, while not as preferable as a dual hose system, makes up for this slight loss in efficiency to a large extent with its very good Energy Efficiency Ratio (“EER”) of 10.2. As we’ve described before, EERs are simply the product of BTUs divided by wattage, so higher numbers mean you get more cooling per watt. Any score of 10 is very good.

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In addition to efficiency, another very notable characteristic of this model is it’s remarkably compact size and lightweight for a portable unit. Specifically, measuring only 14.37 inches long, 15.55 inches wide, and  29.33 inches high – and with an total weight of 57 pounds – this is one of the smallest and lightest 12000 BTU air conditioners you are going to find!

The AC12000H also scores well on the noise front, with a sound level of just 51 decibels – this is also significantly better than the average model (which usually hover around 55-56 dB). As such, this unit is not only good for living areas, but sleeping quarters as well.

Finally, this model comes with a host of other nice features, including:

  • a dehumidifier function;
  • condensate auto-evaporation technology (so most users will never need to manually drain it);
  • 2 fan speeds, 24 programmable timer;
  • an air filter (with carbon cartridge for odor control);
  • a crisp LCD display and modern control panel; and
  • a remote control.

NewAir AC12000H

NewAir AC12000H Reviews

With all of these qualities, it’s not surprising that as of the date of this writing the AC12000H is currently averaging an impressive 4.6 out of 5 stars on In particular, users are noting great satisfaction with this model’s powerful cooling and heating capability, in addition to its relatively low operating noise, ease of use and great portability.

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Concluding Thoughts

Even if you don’t need the heat pump feature (which doesn’t add much to the price), we think the NewAir AC12000H is one of the best 12000 BTU portable air conditioners on the market right now. This AC12000E is the cooling-only version of this model if you really don’t want the heater.

Why do we like the AC12000H so much?  That’s easy:  it’s unusually compact and lightweight for such a large and powerful air conditioner; it has great EER of 10.2 for efficiency; it has a heat pump; it comes modern features and controls; and it’s getting outstanding reviews from consumers.

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