Netatmo Weather Station Review

If you are one of those people who like data, and the thought of monitoring your home environment from anywhere with your iPhone or iPad, then you may be interested in the Netamo Weather Station.

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Home weather stations are gaining in popularity.  However, Netatmo has jumped to the front of the pack with its Weather Station iPhone/iPad package, which is reportedly the first weather station designed for those devices.  This indoor/outdoor weather station is designed to give you real-time data concerning the actual temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, indoor CO2 concentration and noise level in your home, from wherever you are so long as you are web-connected. Moreover, with the lifetime personal account that comes with your purchase, you can recall automatically-stored historical data whenever you like.

All of this sounds really cool and interesting, right? Well, it depends. If you are just a data geek and/or bioscience nerd, then I suppose you don’t need any more motivation; however, what about the rest of us?

We think that this technology would be excellent for those who have home environments that would benefit from this level of monitoring. For example, if you have pets, plants or other animal life that remain alone in the home for periods of time and you want to be sure that temperatures remain at safe levels, this unit would be great.  Or if your young child’s room is often exposed to fluctuating temperatures, you could also gain some peace of mind knowing that conditions are safe and comfortable while you are downstairs. In addition, when you go away on vacation, it would be nice to know that your house and favorite goldfish won’t freeze or bake while you are sipping margaritas on the beach in some distant land.  Finally, if you have a summer or winter retreat home, setting up one of these there would be great to know exactly what type of weather you will encounter when you arrive.

In short, there are many reasons why you might want to know the precise local conditions of your home, room, office, vacation home, etc. But if you can’t think of any for your particular needs, then perhaps it’s just easier and less expensive to turn on the TV and catch the news!

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