Nespresso U C50 Review

The Nespresso U C50 “Pure Cream” Espresso Maker is most notable for its compact and undeniably sexy design, which sets it apart from other instant espresso models.

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OK, admit it – you are an espresso addict, who loves the ease of the capsule-type makers. Well, I presume so or else you wouldn’t be reading this! Look, its OK, really.  As someone who lived in a law office, I too was hooked on the ease and simplicity of droping in an esspresso cartridge and getting a near-perfect brewed cup right before my eyes within seconds.  With this kind of instant gratification, its  not surprising that there are so many of these models out there on the market today and, while they all endeavor to accomplish the same goal of passing water through a capsule full of grounds, they vary tremendously in design and appearance.

The Nespresso U C50 “Pure Cream” Espresso Maker specifications are good but not earth-shattering:  fully-automatic piercing, brewing and ejections of used capsules with a coffee outlet that retracts to prevent dripping after the brew; a 27-ounce water tank with quick pre-heat time of 25 seconds; 19 bar pump pressure; automatic power off after 9 minutes of inactivity; and light indicator to flag an empty water tank and/or full capsule dispenser. However, where the U C50 really shines is in its super-contemporary, chic and compact design.  The unit is very tall and narrow, and the water tank can rotate 180-degrees to align up with the rear of the unit.  Accordingly, this unit can be displayed proudly in the open, or be squeezed into the smallest spaces in the kitchen or in any other room in the home or office.

As far as capsule-brewed espresso makers go, the U C50 gets the job done in terms of its features and functionality. Nevertheless, if are very particular about looks, require a certain sex appeal from your espresso maker, and/or need it to fit it the tightest spaces, the U C50 “Pure Cream” model is hard to beat.

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