Nespresso Maestria C500 Review

Nespresso Maestria C500 ReviewIf you like the convenience that capsule espresso makers provide, but are looking for a model that doesn’t look like a capsule unit, check out the Swiss-made Nespresso Maestria C500 Espresso Maker. This model has a lot more going for it than undeniably good looks. Please keep reading as we take a closer look at the C500 so you can determine for yourself whether it’s worth buying.

Nespresso Maestria C500 – Key Features

First and foremost, the Nespresso Maestria C500 is a very compact and high-performance capsule espresso maker. This model uses a high-pressure 19 bar pump that delivers outstanding, consistent results. The 47-ounce water tank is easy to access and refill, and the unit can hold up to 14 used capsules so you don’t need to constantly empty it.

For those who need their fix quickly, the Maestria C500 is designed to fire up quickly, requiring only a mere 25 seconds of preheating. Likewise, you don’t need to fuss with your cup either, as the unit’s pivoting cup tray can accept a variety of glass sizes. The steam wand is also easy to use and intuitive, which is reflective of the professional design team that developed this feature. Coffee volume adjustment is made possible via simple dial mechanisms.

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Perhaps the most outwardly noticeable feature of the Nespresso Maestria C500 is it’s classic, yet contemporary anodized aluminum finish. This truly complements the unit’s unique lines and gives it an additional level of durability and ease of maintenance.

User Ratings

The Nespresso Maestria C500 is new with only a couple reviews on to date, but both are 5-star. Both users confirmed that this model delivers sultry-smooth espresso, and is a beautiful addition to the kitchen as well. Notably, they also reported satisfaction with purchasing and using the Nespresso capsules, which is a good thing since these are they only type the unit accepts.

Price and Value

Selling at the moment between $400 and $500, the Maestria C500 is moderately priced relative to other capsule espresso makers. In particular, we find that the high-pressure pump, easy to use controls, great spent capsule/water capacity, and slick aluminum finish make this one of the best-value higher-end capsule makers currently available. This is fortunate, since it gives you that much more money to spend on the capsules!

Buy the Nespresso Maestria C500!Nespresso Maestria C500 – Concluding Thoughts

When it comes right down to it, there is not too much to espresso capsule makers. However, the key features they possess need be high quality to produce outstanding and consistent results. In our view, the Nespresso Maestria C500 does exactly what a great capsule maker is supposed to do, with a very well-made high-bar pump and all around thoughtful design. Moreover, more than most other capsule makers currently on the market, the C500 does so with an additional bit of class and appeal, thanks to an undeniably sleek and clean anodized aluminum finish that will have you admiring the unit while you sip first-rate espresso. What else can you ask for in a sub $500 espresso maker?

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