Napoleon PTSS215PI Freestyle Portable Gas Grill Review

Napoleon PTSS215PI Freestyle

Napoleon PTSS215PI Freestyle

If you are looking for a very high-quality portable gas grill to use around the home or further afield, one model that you ought to consider is the all-steel Napoleon PTSS215PI Freestyle Portable Infrared Gas Grill. For additional details about this solid little grilling system, please continue reading.

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Like your home grill, a portable model should be built to perform and last. Indeed, strength and durability are even that much more important in a portable model, considering that portable grills are intended to be brought pretty much anywhere we go and be ready at a moment’s notice. Sure, a $50 portable grill will work, at least initially. However, in time, the cheap components used in bargain grills fall apart, rust out or otherwise let you down.

In contrast, the Napoleon PTSS215PI Freestyle Portable Infrared Gas Grill is built to last a very long time. Napoleon is known for making top-tier gourmet full-sized grills, but it uses the same exacting standards for its portables, like the PTSS215PI Freestyle.

First off, the PTSS215PI Freestyle is built like a tank. It uses an all-metal construction using the highest grade stainless steel – #304 steel, which is an advanced chromium-nickel alloy that is far more corrosion resistant and more durable in the face of extreme hot/cold temperatures than ordinary stainless steel.

In addition, the Freestyle has a generous cooking area of 320 square inches with a 105-square inch warming area to accommodate lots of food for a portable. Moreover, with its premium and long-lasting ceramic infrared burner system and stainless steel burner/searing plate, it can generate 14,000 BTU’s of infrared heat to sear meat and otherwise grill food quickly without annoying heat flare ups. As a result, this grill is perfect for grilling steaks and other meats that require high, yet controlled heat.

The Freestyle also comes with an easy-start electronic ignition system and is equipped to be used with standard small propane cylinders you find in camping stores. But if you need more fuel or intend to use it as a dedicated home grill, it can also be fitted to a larger, standard propane tank with an optional 4-inch hose.

Overall, we think the Napoleon PTSS215PI Freestyle Portable Infrared Gas Grill is a great choice. Although it’s relatively pricey for a portable, it’s basically bulletproof and is made with ultra-high quality stainless steel that will not corrode, chip, warp or otherwise degrade despite years of routine use. As a result, compared with the cost of having to buying two or three bargain grills because they periodically fail, the Freestyle is probably the most economical choice in the long run.

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