Murray 1695885 Review

Now is the time to prepare for another long winter. If you need a powerful but more compact snow blower that is easy to maneuver, take a hard look at the Murray 1695885 800 Snow Series 22-Inch 205cc 4-Cycle OHV Briggs & Stratton Gas Powered Single Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start.

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Dealing with snow is a problem that the majority of Americans must face, to some extent at least. There are many ways to deal with it, although arguably the best option for those that expect routine, heavy snow and/or very wet snow is to purchase a gas powered snow thrower. Of course, gas models are not without their disadvantages too, primary of which is their relative bulk and weight, which makes them harder to maneuver compared to lighter electric versions.

Fortunately, there are smaller, more nimble gas snow blowers out there that pack the power of gas combustion, but are more easily maneuvered so you don’t feel like you are steering a tank. One such model we suggest is the Murray 1695885 with Electric Start.

The quality of the powerplant in the Murray 1695885 is second to none – a Briggs & Stratton, 4-cycle OHV 800 Snow Series engine with electric start. With this powerful engine and the unit’s wear-resistant, polymer auger that can reach down to pavement, this model can easily clear a 22-inch wide and 8 inch deep swath with a single pass, and hurl the snow 30 feet away with its single stage chute mechanism. Further, weighing in at a relatively slim 107 pounds, this snow blower can be steered and turned easily to deal with sharp corners or twisting walkways.

Overall, we highly recommend the Murray 1695885 – it has one of the best-made American engines on the market; it cuts a wide swath; it has the power to deal with wetter, heavier snows that might bog down an electric snow thrower; and it’s highly maneuverable for a gas model. And while we don’t suggest it for use in regions that routinely experience very deep snowfall (12” or greater); it’s ideal for areas that typically receive light to moderate snowfall up to 6″ to 10″ in depth.

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