Miele S8390 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum Review

Miele S8390 Cat/Dog Canister

Miele S8390 Canister

Pet owners are often on the lookout for better, more powerful vacuums that can deal with stubborn pet hair that seems to cling to everything. Well, the Rolls Royce of vacuum cleaner technology, Miele, has answered with its S8390 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum. To see what we think of this new model, please read on.

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We have featured many Miele models here on HGT and are always impressed by the unusually high quality of their vacuums.  No doubt this is a result of Miele’s rigorous design standards, which are intended to ensure that your product is built to last for at least 20 years.

Among Miele’s newest canister vacuums is the S8390 Cat & Dog model. But what’s so pet-oriented about this one?

Like most of its other S8 series vacuums, the S8390 uses Miele’s 1,200-watt low noise motor; handle-operated electrobrush controls; is equipped with an advanced 12-stage air cleaning system with HEPA filter; comes 6-stage suction control; and includes various handy design features, like lightweight construction, a telescopic steel wand, upholstery tools, a crevice nozzle and automatic cord rewind. Similarly, this model also utilizes the same Electro Plus Electrobrush with Parquet Twister that comes with most of the high-end S8 series vacuums.

What sets the S8390 apart, however, is the inclusion of a Mini Turbo Brush tool – a smaller, handheld version of the electrobrush. Unlike Miele’s other standard tools, this one is designed primarily to clean and remove pet hair from cut-pile carpeting, furniture and upholstery.

So what do we think of this more pet-oriented Miele vacuum? In our view, the Mini Turbo brush is indeed more effective on pet hair than the standard tools found on other comparable S8 models – like the S 8590 Marin or S 8390 Kona, but this singular addition does not justify any significant increase in the S8390’s overall price compared to the Marin or Kona, given how similar all three are in most respects. We suppose Miele agrees, because the S8390 is currently selling for $950, which is approximately $50 less than the Marin and $50 more than the Kona. Therefore, as long as this rough price equivalency holds true, we think the addition of the Mini Turbo brush does in fact make the S8390 a superior and cost-effective choice among Miele’s S8 line for pet owners.

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