Miele S6270 Red Velvet Canister Review

If you are looking for a premium canister vacuum that not only performs, but is designed to last for 20 years, the Miele S6270 Red Velvet Canister Vacuum is an excellent choice.

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There are many canister vacuums to choose from these days, but they are not all created equal. Among the various manufacturers in the vacuum technology industry, Miele is definitely one of the most highly-respected.  Miele is a 100-year-old German-based company that distributes vacuums in 46 countries.  This is not a fly-by-night manufacturer.  Indeed, each of Miele’s products is subjected to extensive testing so you can be sure they will last. In fact, Miele engineers them to last for at least 20 years.

Among Miele’s new canister models is the S6270 Red Velvet Canister.  The specifications of this unit are very solid.  First, it is powerful. It comes with Miele’s own1200-watt Vortex Motor, which is equipped with a rotary dial controlling 6 variable power / suction settings.  Second, the filtration system used by Miele is particularly state-of-the-art. The S6270 employs an AirClean Filter Bag and AirClean Sealed System in conjunction with a Pre-motor Filter, all of which results in maximum retention of very fine particles.  In fact, Miele has done rigorous IBR comparison testing with its vacuums and reports that the Miele vacuums retain significantly more fine particulate matter – 21 times more – than the nearest brand.  This is noteworthy, especially given the EPA’s research, which has found correlation between the inhalation of fine particles and adverse health effects, such as aggravated asthma and chronic bronchitis. Third, the Red Velvet Canister is built with the user in mind. It’s very lightweight, has a 33-foot operating radius, long power cord with an automatic rewind function, 360° wheels, a telescopic stainless steel wand, durable vacuum hose material, is equipped with a combination smooth floor / carpet tool, and comes with a 7-year warranty on the motor and casing.

We at HGT are a big fan of the high-quality and almost legendary durability of Miele products, and the S6270 Red Velvet Canister is no exception. Its lightweight, powerful, has the most advanced filtration system you can find, and is designed to last for decades. Accordingly, we believe this is a very smart buy.

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