Miele S194 QuickStep Universal Vacuum Review

The Miele S194 QuickStep Universal Vacuum is a highly-rated and lightweight vacuum with the power and flexibility to function as a traditional upright or a hand-held unit.

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Consumers are demanding more from upright vacuums today, and Miele is endeavoring to satisfy this need with its S194 QuickStep model. The specifications of this unit are indeed solid.  For instance, it has a 1,000 watt Miele-made vortex motor; it comes with a FiberTeQ combination floor tool that can handle smooth floor and low-pile carpeting; it has an integrated glide feature that provides a gentle clean on sensitive flooring; the unit easily switches to carpeting with a press of a rocker footswitch; it employs six-stages of suction that can be adjusted with a rotary dial; and it uses a multy-ply air clean filter that contains electrostatically-charged material to catch extremely fine particular matter from the air.

In addition, the S194 can easily be re-configured in multiple ways. Just by pressing a clip, the QuickStep can be morphed into a variety of setups. You can position the canister higher or lower on the stick to reach under beds and maneuver around obstacles, or remove the tube completely altogether to convert it into a powerful hand-held that can work on upholstery and sofa cushions. Regardless how its used, however, the unit is extremely lightweight, and therefore highly portable.

Miele is a highly-trusted home appliance manufacturer that has a long record of producing top-notch, extremely durable vacuums. Indeed, reports from users are outstanding, and this product is consistently receiving a satisfaction rating of 5 stars.  We at HGT agree that this vacuum is well worth the price. Its highly versatile, lightweight, powerful, and built to last by a trusted name in the industry. Moreover, it comes with a 7-year warranty.  As such, it’s a very safe bet.

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