Miele Futura Diamond Series G5915SCi Review

Miele Futura Diamond Series G5915SCi


Looking for elite-level quality and engineering in your dishwasher? Do you want a unit that’s the quietest available and is designed to last for a minimum of 20 years? If you answered yes to either you may be interested in what’s being called the world’s most intelligent dishwasher – the Miele Futura Diamond Series G5915SCi.  To see just what’s so smart about this ultra-top-end machine, please keep reading.

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Miele’s rigorous design standards and the ultra-high quality of its products are widely-known by anyone who is familiar with high-end home appliances. Therefore, perhaps it’s not so surprising that Miele has come out with what’s being called the most “intelligent” dishwasher in the world – we are talking about the Miele Futura Diamond Series G5915SCi. Also included in this series are the Futura Diamond G5975 SCSF and Diamond G5975 SCVi.

What makes this washer so smart? Well, from what we can tell, it’s pure cutting-edge technology and Miele’s legendary German engineering.

Top to bottom, the Diamond Series G5915SCi is an outstanding dishwasher that cuts no corners on performance, quality and style.

As for its basket configuration, the G5915SCi’s FlexiCare Deluxe system offers unparalleled versatility for accommodating and securing all manner of dishware and heavy to fragile cups/glassware, and the included 3D Cutlery Tray easily accepts varying sized utensils and even odd-shaped stemware.

With regard to its “smarts,” the brain of the G5915SCi lies primarily within its array of auto-sensors, which are more advanced than anything we’ve seen. For example, the main AutoSensor evaluates dishware soiling and, based on this assessment, can automatically manipulate water consumption, water temperature and wash duration to deliver the right amount of power and attention to where it’s needed. Conversely, this AutoSensor can also determine when lower soil levels allow for reductions in these variables to save water and energy. The G5915SCi also uses a SensorDry feature that optimizes your drying cycle by adjusting it in accordance with ambient temperature and humidity levels, and an Auto Load-Size Sensor determines your load size by measuring water volume and water speed as it enters the unit’s circulation system.

But that’s not nearly all of it. Just some of the other numerous features that the Miele Futura Diamond Series G5915SCi boasts include:

  • The lowest noise level rating available (Miele’s Q5 score);
  • Delicate glassware cleaning technology, including china and crystal glassware;
  • The capability to connect wirelessly to Miele’s data centers for 24 hour/day unit performance monitoring;
  • A smooth close feature that eliminates door slapping and allows the door to remain open at any position along its arc;
  • A high lumen-output LED light that allows you to easily load dishes and later admire the unit’s handiwork;
  • A remarkably durable, innovative stainless steel finish that is resistant to smudging, scratching and fingerprints; and
  • A satisfaction guarantee with a 90-day full refund policy, and a free 5-year extension on the product warranty.

Overall, we think there is not much to dislike about the Miele Futura Diamond Series G5915SCi – other than perhaps is substantial price tag. However, if what you seek is truly top-tier quality and unrivaled smart features and longevity, we at HGT cannot think of a better dishwasher series available.

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