Maytag MDC4809PAW JetClean Plus Review

Maytag MDC4809PAW JetClean Plus ReviewMaytag MDC4809PAW Specifications

Washing System

This model uses Maytag’s popular JetClean II Wash System that is geared to tackle difficult soils with high pressure jets and a stainless steel food chopper that blasts apart larger food/debris that might otherwise clog the system. As a result of this powerful two-pronged approach, most users should not need to engage in the tiresome pre-rinsing that largely defeats the purpose of a dishwasher in the first place. Notwithstanding this power, the Maytag MDC4809PAW is easy on your utility bill, thanks to its Energy Star Rating.

Washer Power Plant

At the heart of the MDC4809PAW lies a very durable motor that Maytag claims has withstood testing at two-times the expected life of the dishwasher unit itself! Considering that motor burn out is one of the most common reasons why washers fail, we are happy to see this much attention to the power plant.

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Capacity/Tub Material

This washer can accommodate a total of 10 place settings in its vinyl rack; a good capacity for most homes/families, especially for a portable unit.  The tub is composed of plastic, as is the interior finish. Although we prefer steel, plastic is acceptable and not unexpected given this unit’s aggressive pricing and more lightweight, portable design.

Cycles/Cleaning Options

The MDC4809PAW has just about everything you really need here, such as a heated drying option; glassware settings; five total cycles and a sanitize option.


Designed for portability, this unit is fairly compact, measuring 37 inches high, 26.5 inches deep and 24-1/8 inches wide. It also comes with rolling casters, which most users will appreciate!

Maytag MDC4809PAW JetClean Plus Reviews

Among home appliances, dishwashers tend to get some of the lowest user satisfaction ratings. We are not sure exactly why but expectations typically run much higher than most units can meet. However, the MDC4809PAW so far has enjoyed an exceptionally strong approval rating. Currently, this model has an average of 4.6 out of 5.0 stars on – very remarkable to say the least.

Specifically, users report high satisfaction with this model’s reliability, cleaning power and convenient portability. Here are some actual user comments that capture the tone of the reviews:

  • “We’ve had this portable dishwasher for 4 months and I’m still pleased ever time I use it! Rolls easily, hooks up quickly to the sink and gets dishes very clean.”
  • “I can’t imagine living without it. We use it once or twice daily.”
  • “…works very well, and dishes come out very clean. I like that there is a one-hour wash feature, in case you’re in a hurry. It also rolls pretty easily for such a heavy piece of equipment”
  • “seems to do a great job cleaning dishes, no need to rewash anything.”
  • “…had this dishwasher for 2 years now and it still works perfectly….just roll it up to the sink, attach the nozzle, and plug it in.”

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Price & Value

At the time of this writing, this dishwasher is selling at a discounted price of approximately $715. Although this is not what we’d consider “cheap,” it’s actually very good for a unit with similar power, features and a portable design.

Maytag MDC4809PAW JetClean Plus ReviewConcluding Thoughts

The Maytag MDC4809PAW does just what it’s supposed to – it cleans powerfully and reliably and offers an additional level of user convenience with its portable design. Moreover, it’s currently enjoying a level of user satisfaction rarely had by most other washers, including units that cost nearly double its price.  In short, we believe this is quite simply one of the best value higher-capacity portable dishwashers on the market.

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