Maytag MDB7749SBM Review

Maytag MDB7749SBMDishwashing machines are a hard thing to shop for, especially when you really get into the weeds about all of the dizzying features and accessories that manufacturers’ promotional materials typically come with. However, the basics requirements never really change – namely, performance, reliability and efficiency. And of course, value is particularly important. Well, for one new model that checks all of those boxes as far as we’re concerned, we invite you to take a good look at the Maytag MDB7749SBM JetClean Plus 24″ Stainless Steel Full Console Dishwasher. For more information about this dishwasher and what we and others think about it, please keep reading.

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As far as reliability, you are probably already aware of Maytag’s iconic prominence in the dishwasher industry, and the exceptional reliability of their American-made kitchen appliances generally. But in case there were any doubts, take note that the MDB7749SBM is covered by an outstanding 10-year limited warranty on parts – the very things most likely to break on any washer.

What about performance? The MDB7749SBM is equipped with a powerful “Jetclean Plus Steam” cycle that uses high pressure jets and elevated temperatures in conjunction with a 4-blade stainless steel food pulverizer to clean the dirtiest dishes you’ve got without fear of clogging. Moreover, it does so gently enough that it can accommodate your most sensitive stemware as well.

Maytag MDB7749SBM1Also important is this model’s exceptionally powerful motor – in fact, Maytag reports it’s the industry’s most powerful available relative to other leading brands. With this kind of dirt-blasting power, your dishes will get cleaned more effectively and efficiently, the first time. And not only is it unusually strong, this motor’s built to last. Indeed, it was tested using a 20-year “twice life” accelerated life testing method; in other words, tested to last 2X the life of the washer itself.

The MDB7749SBM is also efficient and ultra quiet. Thanks to its Energy Star rating, you can be sure that your utility bill dollars are being put to good use. And as far as noise, with its QuietSeries sound deadening package, this unit scores an operational noise level rating of just 50 dB – this is a fantastic score for any washer, much less one under $1,000.

ScreenHunter_06 May. 17 13.43Pros:

  • Powerful, durable motor
  • Great steam cleaning system
  • Energy efficient
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Affordable given design quality
  • Attractive & easy to maintain stainless steel finish


  • Still could be cheaper!

What about users reviews? Although this product is a relative newcomer to, it’s already received one 5-star review there, in which the reviewer concluded, “In sum: quiet, powerful, clean, attractive.”  Well put.

Maytag MDB7749SBM2Likewise, the ratings reported by Maytag are fantastic – 4.7 out of 5-stars, with 98% (57 of the reviewers) indicating that they would recommend this product. Specifically, among the other things, the MDB7749SBM received nearly perfect 5-star ratings across the board in the subcategories of quality and noise levels.

We are not at all surprised. At a time when washers seem to get more advanced but often more prone to fail as well, the MDB7749SBM JetClean Plus delivers huge value and truly stands out in terms of quality and reliability metrics. Accordingly, we too give it 5-stars, and would also easily recommend this machine to anyone looking for a new model.

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