Makita LCT400W 4-Piece Cordless Combo Kit Review

Makita LCT400W

Makita LCT400W 4-Tool 18v Cordless Kit

It usually pays to buy power tools in packages when possible. And if you’re currently looking for a great deal, you just can’t beat the value you get with the Makita LCT400W 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless 4-Piece Combo Kit. For information about this very hot tool set and our thoughts on it, please continue reading.

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There is nothing quite like the freedom of using cordless power tools around the home or jobsite. However, good ones are not cheap, and you definitely get what you pay for with power tools generally, especially cordless ones.

However, there are some super deals to be had, and you can often get better value by purchasing a kit rather than tools one by one.

One package that is a no-brainer bargain in our view for combining high quality tools that can please weekend warriors and the truly serious DIY home improvement crowd is the Makita LCT400W 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless 4-Piece Combo Kit.

The LCT400W 4-tool combo comes with the following pieces:

  • 1/2-Inch Drill-Driver (Model # LXFD01CW)
  • Impact Driver (Model # LXDT04CW)
  • Flashlight (Model # BML185W)
  • Job Site Radio (Model # BMR100W)

Each of the four tools included with this kit are very well-made, popular pieces individually. In fact, the two drivers alone, both of which have received predominantly 5-star ratings, together cost nearly as much as this entire kit. But in addition to the drivers, you get the Jobsite Radio, selling for about $80, and the LXT flashlight, retailing for just over $30.

On top of all that, you also get two (2) 18-volt battery packs, a rapid charger and a contractor bag. Not shabby at all.

User reviews of this kit are mostly 5-star. The vast majority of users agree that these tools are very high-grade and powerful, making an ideal combo for homeowners that range from casual to more intense DIY types. Specifically, most people found the drivers to deliver much more torque than expected – definitely a good thing.

Most of the negative comments were aimed at the driver tools’ run time. Because the battery packs are only 1.5 amp hour, the drivers will use up the batteries relatively quickly. This may not be a problem for people who don’t run their tools continuously. Further, the charger can power the packs back up in about 15 minutes, so if you keep one pack charging while you use the tool, you can keep swapping them out as necessary.

Overall, the pros greatly outweigh any cons for this kit in our view. The tools are powerful and well-made, and this package provides unbeatable bang for your buck. Therefore, if you are into home improvement and are looking for a great 18 volt combo, the Makita LCT400W 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless 4-Piece Kit is an easy choice.

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