Lotus Travel Crib & Portable Play Area Review

Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard


If you are looking for your first or a replacement travel crib, be advised that Guava Family’s new EVERYWHERE Portable Lotus Travel Crib & Play Area is fast becoming recognized as the most portable and well-designed model available today. For more information about this brilliant new portable crib by Guava, please continue reading.

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Portable cribs are very popular these days, which is not surprising how important they are for traveling, visiting family, and for use in various areas in the home. However, many of the models available leave a lot to be desired, particularly when it comes to balancing a lightweight design with sturdiness and ease of setup.

Well, there is one particular model on the market today that is receiving phenomenal 5-star popularity for being extremely portable, solid, easy to set up – and also having an extra special design feature we’ll get to shortly.  We are talking about the Guava Family’s new EVERYWHERE Portable Lotus Travel Crib & Play Yard Area.

The EVERYWHERE Portable Lotus Crib uses an ultra-lightweight & compact design that fits neatly into a backpack! It’s backpack design also makes it perfect to bring on a plane as a carry-on bag as well.  As a result, this crib is in fact truly portable, rather than just being somewhat lighter than other so-called “portable” cribs are.

Moreover, it’s reported that once you get the hang of it, this crib can be setup in less than 15 seconds flat. If that’s not quick and easy, we don’t know what is.

In addition, despite its ultra-portability and absurdly fast setup, the EVERYWHERE Crib is made of premium materials and is very solid. Specifically, this crib’s skeleton is composed of aircraft grade aluminum and uses top-tier washable fabrics. You’ll also be happy to know that Guava Family does not use any phthalates, lead, PBE or PBDE flame retardants.  As such, you can rest easy knowing that make this model safe, sturdy and very low-maintenance.

Finally, the EVERYWHERE Crib comes with a brilliant design feature that makes almost too much sense – it’s a zippered side door.  This door, which zips all the way down to the floor, takes the whole penitentiary feel out of the traditional crib design, and allows your child to enter and exit naturally. Consequently, the crib is no more a holding tank, but rather a base from which your child can explore and feel comfortable.

Another huge advantage of this zippered door is that it allows you to interact with your child while he/she is in the crib.  Whether it’s sleeping by their side, or playing with them in the crib, the barriers are gone for the both of you.

In our view at HGT, we cannot think of anything not to love about Guava Family’s new EVERYWHERE Portable Lotus Travel Crib & Play Area – its super light; fits into a backpack that can literally go anywhere; is super strong and well-made; and lets you and your child interact at their eye level.

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