Lorex LW2400 LIVE Review

If you are searching for a reasonably-priced video baby monitor that packs tons of high-end features and uses a remote viewing feature that is smartphone compatible, then you should seriously consider the new Lorex LW2400 LIVE Wireless Video Baby Monitor.

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Consumers are demanding more and more from baby monitoring systems.  The good news is that this has caused manufacturers to pack more and more features into their units to become competitive. Likewise, wireless video technology has improved dramatically over the past few years, which also has facilitated a positive trend toward more video technology for your dollar.

For example, take a look at the new Lorex LW2400 LIVE Wireless Video Baby Monitor.  This is a great video monitoring system that provides lots of value compared to others in its class.

The LW2400 comes with a handheld 3.5-inch LCD screen with a rechargeable lithium battery that provides roughly 4.5 hours of run time, and (1) wireless camera that is expandable up to (4) cameras. The display and video produced by the unit is surprisingly good.  The LW2400’s two-way talk function that allows you to hear and communicate with your baby is also clear and undistorted. And the camera included with the unit provides a clear picture and is equipped with night vision capability that automatically switches on in dim/dark conditions, allowing you to observe your child n total darkness, up to 13 feet from the camera.

In addition, this unit comes with a handy Night Mode feature, that, when switched on, uses audio monitoring, indicator lights and a sound-activated recording system in lieu of video to conserve battery life and allow you to continue monitoring your while getting a good night’s sleep.

The LW2400 also has an electronic temperature sensor to keep tabs of the temperature of your baby’s room. Further, it uses an indicator light to display the noise level in the room, so you can visually detect when your baby is stirring even if you are in a particularly loud room and do not hear the sounds emanating from the display.

Finally, this unit boasts an interesting remote viewing feature using the popular talk program Skype.  With Skype software (which is free) and by connecting the handheld monitor with the included USB cable to any internet-connected computer, tablet newer iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android, you can connect to the unit’s monitoring camera from anywhere in the world, so long as you have internet access.

We at HGT are big fans of the Lorex LW2400 LIVE Wireless Video Baby Monitor.  Why? It produces good quality video with night vision; has two-way talk; has a nighttime battery-conserving feature; has a visual sound indicator; includes temperature monitoring; and comes with remote viewing capability that is easy to use and compatible with most computers and modern smartphone devices.  In other words, it’s a tremendous buy.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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