Lorex LNR282C4B Security System Review

Lorex LNR282C4BHome and small business security systems just keep getting more powerful. For one new complete system that comes with a tremendous amount of surveillance technology, check out the Lorex LNR282C4B 8 Channel Full HD PoE NVR Security System with 2TB Hard Drive and 4 HD 1080p Cameras. For more details about what you get with this package, and our thoughts about it, please continue reading.

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There are many surveillance systems on the market these days, so what makes the LNR282C4B any different?

Lorex LNR282C4B4Cutting Edge 8-Channel Network Video Recorder:  the NVR that comes with this system is outstanding. First off, as far as picture quality, it’s as good as it gets. You get real-time recording at full 1080P resolution – 30 frames per second on each of the channels. In addition, you have all of the functionality that the pros use, such as simultaneous playback, live view and zoom targeting. Further, it comes with a 2TB hard drive that provides tons of storage, and if you need more you can expand up to 8TB. Finally, connectivity couldn’t be more straightforward, with its HDMI & VGA outputs for HDTV playback (an HDMI cable is also thrown in).

Lorex LNR282C4B3Four Premium Weatherproof Video Cameras:  the (4) cameras you get with the LNR282C4B are truly top-notch. Each 3 megapixel camera provides stunning, full HD 1080p images/video and real-time recording at 30 frames per second. And even though the NVR has lots of disk space, this storage goes much further because these cams use modern H.264 compression technology that allows much more data storage than other formats.

Moreover, they boast outstanding night vision, which allows viewing up to 100 feet away in total darkness. Also noteworthy are these cameras extra picture features, such as 3D DNR digital noise reduction; spatial noise reduction; an infrared filter; and Digital-Wide Dynamic Range backlighting – all of which produces a cleaner, sharper and more true to life rendering of your world.

Finally, all of this technology is housed in extremely durable and IP66-rated weatherproof aluminum casings that allow these cameras to be mounted indoors and outdoors as well. Even the cables are safely tucked away behind vandal-proof bracketing. Nor will you need to worry about buying cables, because 100 feet of high-quality Cat 5 Ethernet cables are already included.

Lorex LNR282C4B5Flexible Remote Access & Connectivity:  like most of the newer systems, the LNR282C4B allows users to connect to each of the cameras remotely via compatible smartphones, such as the iPad, iPhone and Android. Moreover, the system comes with specific iPad and Android apps that permit mulit-channel live video feeds/playback. You can also connect up with your PC (Windows 7 & 8) using included software; there is additional software for Mac users as well. Whether you want to view what’s happening 24/7, or prefer to set the unit to send you instant email alerts with attachments and event links, you can monitor your home/business wherever and whenever you have web-connectivity.

Lorex LNR282C4B15-Star User Reviews:  So far, user reviews as reported by Lorex are predominantly 5-star. Among other things, users routinely comment on the excellent picture, quality and value of the system. As one user summed it up:

“good picture quality, software works well, good support available from lorex website, mac compatible…cameras are excellent in low light, very good price / performance combination.”

Indeed, the only consistent negative comments we could find were that the web-connectivity could be user-friendlier and that the NVR makes considerable fan noise.

Conclusion:  Overall, we also give this surveillance system 5-stars; specifically, the power, video quality and technology you get with the Lorex LNR282C4B is exceptional among package systems, much less ones with 8-channels, 4 premium cameras and full 1080p HD capability. In short, a great deal that may not last!

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