LifeSpan Fitness TR4000i Review

LifeSpan Fitness TR4000i Folding TreadmillThe LifeSpan Fitness TR4000i Folding Treadmill is a hugely popular newer model that is getting rave reviews from avid runners, for very good reason.  If you are in the market for a Cadillac-quality folding treadmill, please read on.

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Treadmills come in all price ranges; however, for those seeking a folding treadmill built to last and for serious runners, the options become significantly more limited.  In our opinion, one treadmill that is a perfect compliment for any home and stands out from the crowd in terms of performance and construction is the LifeSpan Fitness TR4000i Folding Treadmill.

The TR4000i is simply an extremely well built machine, as evidenced by its top rating by Health Magazine. As far as specifications, its design features are non-gimmicky and intended for true runners.

Although this is a folding model, you wouldn’t know this by the stability you feel, even when running hard.  With a commercial-grade deck, aluminum side rails, a generous running surface measuring 20 inches wide and 60 inches long, and a heavy-duty, 2.8mm thick orthopedic belt, you will believe that you are running on a much larger, dedicated gym-type treadmill.  Further, with its powerful 3.25 DC motor, you won’t have to worry about choppy, unreliable belt movement.

The main console of TR4000i is also top notch and well-equipped.  You can pick between a myriad of simultaneous readouts and exercise programs depending on your needs and tastes, such as steady pace, cardio run, long slow distance, plateau climb, ladder, uphill climb, pyramid climb, etc.  Whichever programs you choose, however, the TR4000i’s display provides real-time key data, including speed, heart rate, calories, distance covered, incline level and time.

In addition, this model comes with other useful preset programs, like the “My Zone” heart rate control option.  This program allows the treadmill to automatically adjust speed and incline position to keep your rate within your desired optimal range.

Among other noteworthy features that come with the LifeSpan Fitness TR4000i are an impressive sound system powered by two premium speakers; a port for your headphones and iPod or other MP3 player; a safety bar; handy folding construction; and an automatic safety stop that kills power when you step off the belt.  Each unit includes a lifetime warranty on the treadmill frame, and a 5-year warranty on parts (with 1 year on labor).

Overall, this is a very high-quality treadmill that is unique in that it provides a convenient folding design without any noticeable sacrifice in terms of stability and running comfort. This is a rare combination indeed and, not surprisingly, has led to absolutely rave user reviews.  It’s no wonder why the LifeSpan Fitness TR4000i Folding Treadmill has garnered so many accolades from leading running/health gurus.  We agree, and believe that there is no better folding treadmill on the market today in this price range for the serious runner.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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