Lifesmart Zone Pack 2 4 Element Heaters Review

Lifesmart Zone Pack 2For a super-efficient and affordable way to heat multiple or very large spaces this winter, we suggest you consider Lifesmart’s Zone Pack 2 4 Element 1200 Square Foot Infrared Heaters w/Remote. Read on to see why it’s hard to beat the heating power you get for the money with this dynamite heater duo.

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We at HGT have been singing the praises of infrared heaters for a long time.  A good infrared model can heat more area much more efficiently than baseboard and other conventional heaters. Moreover, they are becoming smaller and more attractive, making them fit in better with home décor than they used to. In addition, with the addition of handy remote controls, these heaters are easy to manipulate from across the room, so you can maintain a precise desired temperature.

Of the various space heater manufacturers out there, Lifesmart has been particularly active lately, pumping out some of the most powerful yet compact infrared units we have seen. Now, Lifesmart is offering a terrific pairing of its ultra powerful 1200 square foot heaters – we are talking about the Lifesmart Zone Pack 2 4-Element 1200 Square Foot Infrared Heater Combo w/Remote.

Each of these infrared units come with (4) of Lifesmart’s unique quartz infrared heating elements, which are individually wrapped in metal heat exchanger coils for remarkable heat output. Indeed, using only 1,500 watts, each of these units can heat a room of up to 1,200 square feet in area.  This is far more energy efficient than propane, baseboard or forced air systems.  And if this weren’t enough, these heaters are equipped with 3 energy settings, including a 500-watt Eco Setting, to reduce heat production in smaller rooms or when a lower temperature is desired.

In addition, these heaters require virtually no maintenance and are attractive. They both come with lifetime air filters and are encased in an attractive all-wood Quakerstown Dark Oak Cabinet, which remains cool to the touch during operation. These units can also be moved from room to room easily thanks to smooth-rolling casters.

Finally, both heaters come with a large remote control that allows the user to easily adjust the heaters’ digital thermostats and handy dual timer settings.

What’s not to like about this infrared heater combo? Put one in the bedroom and the other in the living room, or team them both up in larger spaces if you like. Regardless how you use them, for the money, we find it difficult to beat the heating power, efficiency and flexibility afforded by the Lifesmart Zone Pack 2 4-Element 1200 Square Foot Infrared Heater Combo w/Remote.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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