Lifesmart Quartz Infrared Antique Stove Review

If you are interested in space heaters, check out Lifesmart’s brand new version of a freestanding antique wood stove that heats a room up to 800 square feet in size.

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Space heaters have gone through a revolution now that high-efficiency quartz heating elements have become commonly available. And with this revolution comes more and more choices for the consumer. Among the newest models out there, which combine an attractive, traditional look and ultra-efficient heat production, is the Lifesmart 800 Quartz Infrared Freestanding Antique Stove.

This wood stove model produces heat like a conventional free standing wood stove, but instead of using wood or messy coal like one, can simply be plugged in and runs on 1,500 watts – i.e., the same power drawn by your average hair dryer. And with this mere 1,500 watts, this unit can heat a room up to 800 square feet in size with ease. A fan built into the unit quietly circulates heat out of the unit and around the room.

In addition to being economical to run, this space heater is super-portable. Because space heaters require no ventilation, they can be picked up and moved to any room. Further, this antique stove is designed to create ambiance as well as efficient heat. With its black stove casing, glowing ember bed and realistic flame effects, this heater is far more soothing than a typical toaster-oven type bargain space heater. Notably, the fire effects can be used independently of the heat settings, so you can admire the glow with or without the heat, depending on your preferences.

Lifesmart produces great space heaters, and their heating element technology is second to none. The Lifesmart Quartz Infrared Antique Stove is another in its impressive line, which comes in a classic, antique wood stove design that is easy on the eye. Additionally, we note that this model is very affordable compared to other similar space heater designs in its class, so it comes at a great value as well.

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