Lifesmart Compact Power Plus 800 Review

Space heaters have evolved. If you are interested in a new model that is energy efficient, powerful and is attractive, check out the Lifesmart Compact Power Plus 800 Square Foot Infrared Heater w/Remote.

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Space heaters have become more and more advantageous as safety mechanisms and heating elements have improved. Moreover, they are now far more attractive than they used to be. Nevertheless, there are still many heater units on the market that look more like toaster ovens than something intended to safely warm a room.

Lifesmart has been on the cutting edge of space heaters lately, and has introduced an exciting new line of space heater models that continue to raise the bar. Among these is the Lifesmart Compact Power Plus 800 Square Foot Infrared Heater w/Remote. The specifications of this unit speak for themselves. This unit is highly portable, and powerful.  At only 12.3 pounds and a mere 12.4 inches long, 12 inches wide and 7.5 inches thick, this model can easily heat up to a 800 square feet room. It does this in large part due to Lifesmart’s exclusive infrared quartz heating elements, which are wrapped in metal to maximize heat exchange and heat output. The result is that this unit is much more efficient than conventional heater types. Indeed, the Compact Power Plus 800 uses only 1,500 watts, which is equivalent to a typical hair dryer.  In addition, it comes with 3 energy saving settings in the event you don’t need to work the unit at maximum output.

Beyond being ultra-efficient and using cutting edge heating technology, the unit is encased in a very stylish upright fireproof plastic cabinet with handles, which is equipped with a digital display, digital thermostat, dual timer settings and a remote control unit so you can adjust the temperature from the comfort of your armchair.

We at HGT are very fond of the Lifesmart line of space heaters, and feel that the Compact Power Plus 800 is an excellent buy: it’s highly portable; it’s super-efficient with state of the art heating elements; it has a contemporary digital display and a remote control; and it has a contemporary design that does not create an eyesore in the room.

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