LG WT4870CW Review

For those seeking a modern top-loading washer that has cutting edge cleaning features and can wash more clothes with fewer loads, there is the LG WT4870CW Ultra Large Capacity Washer with Staincare Technology

Among top loading washers there are some brands that innovate and some which merely follow.  LG has traditionally been a leader in producing interesting new products, including home appliances.  LG’s new WT4870CW Ultra Large Capacity Washer is an example of this forward-thinking philosophy.

The WT4870CW is a high-capacity washer, which uses a large, 4.5 cubic foot tub that can handle lots of bulky clothes and other materials, such jeans, sweatshirts, towels etc.  As such, you won’t have to struggle with numerous smaller loads, or a washer that will easily get bogged down with a larger load.  However, what sets this washer apart from other high-capacity models is its interesting design and features.

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LG WT4870CW Ultra Large Capacity

For example, the WT4870CW utilizes a direct drive system, rather than a typical washer motor and gearing.  With this direct drive system, power is delivered to the washer with fewer moving parts.  Fewer moving parts means less loss of power and higher efficiency.  It also means there is less drag via friction between gearing, which translates into less strain on the motor and a motor longer life.  In fact, so confident is LG about this power system that it comes with a limited 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Further, if you ever do experience any issues with the WT4870CW, you can relax, because it comes with a SmartDiagnosis feature that actually helps the service center identify problems over the phone or with an app for your smartphone.

In addition to an innovative power system and a self-diagnosis feature, the WT4870CW comes with state of the art cleaning technology.  With its ColdWash technology, which creates enhanced washing motions to work out deeply-embedded dirt, you can clean your clothes and fabrics just as easily with cold water as hot water, thereby saving you money in the form of water heating charges.  And for those with lots of dirty clothes but little time, this model comes with a SpeedWash cycle that can complete your wash in only 35 minutes.

Finally, this washer will perform without disrupting your home.  LG has equipped this model with its LG TrueBalance anti-vibration system.  This system is designed to reduce operational noise and vibration for smooth and quiet performance, wherever the washer is situated.  Indeed, with this feature, placement of the unit on the second floor of your home is possible without worrying about loud sounds and vibration.

Overall, we really like this washer.  Among the main reasons for this is its durable and efficient design, thanks to its direct drive motor, ultra-large capacity and superior cold washing ability.  But we also like it for being very innovative, with its self-diagnosing feature and anti-vibration system. Accordingly, we recommend it for anyone seeking a new top-loading unit.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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