LG LMX30995ST Review

LG LMX30995ST ReviewIt seems that just about everybody hates their fridge for one reason or another. However, the LG LMX30995ST 30.3 Cubic Foot Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator will almost certainly make you one of the few who loves theirs. But don’t take our word for it – please read on as we break down the key features of this model so you can decide for yourself whether it’s the right fridge for you.

LG LMX30995ST – Key Features & Specifications

Huge >30 Cubic Foot Capacity

With just over 30 cubic feet of storage space, the wide-width LG LMX30995ST is a very big and efficiently-designed refrigerator. This makes it an ideal choice for those that like to buy food in bulk, and/or have many mouths to feed.

Easy Access With 4 Doors

In addition to the large (2) French Doors, the LMX30995ST uses double freezer drawers, rather than a traditional side-access freezer compartment. Again, this is a wonderful layout, that gives you much more space and room to fit lots of large and odd-sized frozen items that you’d otherwise struggle to fit in a conventional fridge.

In addition, this model comes with LG’s unique “Door-in-Door” feature. This is designed to make your “go-to” drinks and snacks ultra-accessible for quick in and out convenience. Additionally, this setup has the added benefit of freeing up precious shelf area so that you can more efficiently organize your fridge contents.

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Innovative New “Linear” Compressor System

It’s no secret that the most vulnerable part of any refrigerator over time is its compressor. That’s why LG has equipped the LMX30995ST with a revolutionary new design, called a Linear compressor system. While LG has been somewhat secretive about exactly how it is made, they report much greater longevity compared to traditional compressors due to a more streamlined, efficient design that results in fewer moving parts that can wear out. And just in case you think this is all talk, LG has put it’s warranty where its mouth is, by giving you a generous 10-year limited warranty on the compressor system.

LG LMX30995ST - over 30 cubic feet of storage space!Sophisticated “Smart” Cooling For Optimal Conditions

Most fridges are bad at keeping uniformly optimal interior conditions, often resulting in warm/cold spots, excessive or insufficient humidity, and generally poor performance causing sub-optimal food preservation. The LG LMX30995ST addresses these problems with “Smart Cooling Plus” technology. This feature takes advantage of this fridge’s advanced linear compressor and powerful dual evaporators to quickly respond to changes in cabinet temperatures and humidity – and bring them back to optimal levels. Further, the interior vent system is designed to promote air flow throughout the storage space to prevent stale/dank conditions, all of which keeps your food fresher – and for much longer.

Fantastic Energy Efficiency

Despite all of this room, technology and the fast cooling response of the linear compressor, this is a highly energy efficient model. In fact, the LG LMX30995ST easily clears the bar to obtain an Energy Star Certification, and greatly exceeds these standards, using 20% less energy than the federal efficiency guidelines. Consequently, you can rest assured that your food is not only being stored more effectively, but with less out of pocket costs in the form of modest electricity bill to boot.

LG LMX30995ST  User Reviews & Ratings

As a relatively new model, there are only a couple reviews on amazon.com to date, but both are 5-star. These users praised the LMX30995ST for its spacious, efficient design, good looks, and low noise during operation. Given this model’s features and reviews thus far, we expect the 5-star trend to continue.

Price and Value

At the time of this writing, this model is selling for approximately $2,600. We think this is a great price, especially when you consider the huge capacity and state-of-the art features this refrigerator brings. Notably, this is a big discount off of LG’s recommended list price of $3,699!

LG LMX30995ST - backed by a 10 year warranty on the compressor!Concluding Thoughts on the LG LMX30995ST

Most people tend to go cheap on their refrigerators, which may explain why most people hate them.

Nevertheless, for a bit more than you’d spend for a conventional stainless double-door fridge, the LG LMX30995ST delivers a ton more value and technology that preserves your food better, gives you much more room, and actually costs you less due to this model’s unusual energy efficiency. When you consider how long you will likely own this fridge, its greater upfront cost is therefore easily justified in our book.

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