LG Electronics LP1414GXR 14000 BTU Review

LG Electronics LP1414GXR 14000 BTU ReviewThe LG Electronics LP1414GXR 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with LCD Remote is another new LG model, which has plenty of power for cooling down larger spaces. However, besides being powerful and looking good, what other key features should you be aware of? And what are the drawbacks of this unit? Please read on as we explain what to look out for and whether this is a portable air conditioner we’d recommend.

LG Electronics LP1414GXR – Important Features

Big Time Cooling Power

With 14000 BTUs of cooling power, you should be able to comfortably cool down rooms up to approximately 500-550 square feet in size. In practice, this number can go up or down depending on the actual room being cooled. If the room is shaded, has low to moderate ceilings, is well-insulated, does not receive direct sun, and does not contain heat-generating equipment, you can probably cool off a 600 square foot room. Conversely, high ceiling, lots of direct sun, ovens/servers or other “hot” equipment will drop this to 400 square feet or less, depending on how many of these heat factors are present.

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A Single-Hose Design

All other things being equal, dual-hose portable air conditioners (while more expensive) run more efficiently, since they don’t use cooled indoor air to cool down the compressor mechanism. Nevertheless, as we discuss in more detail below, this is not the end of the story; a high Energy Efficiency Rating (“EER”) can more than make up for the slightly less efficient design of single-hose units.

Good Energy Efficiency Ratio

EERs (BTUs divided by wattage) are meant to compare how well air conditioners cool for their respective wattage. Any EER of 10.0 or more is considered an efficient unit. The LG Electronics LP1414GXR scores a 10.1, which is very respectable and makes up for much of the efficiency loss due to the single-hose exhaust system.

Relatively Quiet Operation

With 14000 BTUs of power, we did not expect the LP1414GXR to run silently. However, we were very pleased to see it rated at just 58 decibels. This is roughly equivalent to human whispering/low conversation. Consequently, most users will find this unit very tolerable if running it in a bedroom, office or study.

High-Capacity Dehumidification

The LG Electronics LP1414GXR can also remove humidity while it cools; specifically, this unit is rated to remove moisture at a rate of nearly 82 pints per day. For those living in very humid regions, this dehumidifier feature will enhance the cooling effect greatly.

Sleek Design & Full Function Remote

Besides coming with very solid core features, the LP1414GXR is very attractive and well-appointed. The rich yet understated graphite grey finish complements the unobtrusive touch control panel, which allows you to quickly access and adjust fan speed, temperature settings, louver control, and the 24-hour timer. Moreover, the LCD remote control is wonderful for making these adjustments on the fly from the comfort of your chair.

Price and Value

High-powered portable air conditioners are not cheap; however, the LP1414GXR is selling at the moment for roughly $500. This may seem high but is actually very reasonable for a 14000 BTU single-hose model. In fact, this is relatively inexpensive when you consider it’s a very new design, is highly energy efficient; and comes with a great feature set.

Buy the LG Electronics LP1414GXR!LG Electronics LP1414GXR – Concluding Thoughts

If shopping among single-hose exhaust portable AC units (which are generally cheaper than comparable dual-hose types), we think the LG Electronics LP1414GXR 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with LCD Remote is a smart choice. In our view, this model strikes the right balance between power, energy efficiency and price, and does not sacrifice user convenience. Indeed, this is one of the most attractive portable models currently available, with a very smart control panel and remote to match. What else can you ask for?

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