LG Electronics LP1014WNR Review

LG Electronics LP1014WNR ReviewIf you’ve got a medium-sized room that you will need to cool off this summer, one good option to recently become available is the LG LP1014WNR 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control. However, what do you need to know about this unit before considering a purchase? And is it really worth the money? Please read on for this and more information about the LG LP1014WNR, including our own candid thoughts and impressions of this model.

LG Electronics LP1014WNR – Key Features & Specifications

300 Square Feet of Coverage

With 10,000 BTUs of cooling power, the LP1014WNR is suited for rooms up to about 300 square feet in area. This is just an estimate, of course, and your mileage may vary. For example, very high ceilings, large sun-filled windows, and thin insulation along a southern wall can really reduce the effectiveness of any air conditioning unit. So if any of these things apply to you, the actual coverage is likely to drop significantly.

On the other hand, if you are cooling a well-insulated room with lower ceilings and high-efficiency windows (or no windows) that don’t receive direct light, you may get a bit more coverage than 300 square feet.

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Single Hose Exhaust System

Single hose exhaust models (compared to dual hose systems) tend to be more common and usually considerably less expensive. They can also be easier to setup sometimes since there is only one exhaust hose to deal with. Nevertheless, all other things being equal, they are normally less efficient than dual hose portable air conditioners. This is because the singe exhaust must necessarily remove a bit of indoor (cooled air) to cool off the unit’s compressor. As we discuss in more detail later, however, this doesn’t mean that single hose models are inefficient – you must also consider the air conditioner’s Energy Efficiency Ratio as well.

Relatively Quiet Operation for a Portable

Rated by LG to produce a mere 55 decibels of operating noise, the LP1014WNR is a fairly quiet-running model that most users should find audible, but very tolerable. In fact, at 55 dB, this would be a good air conditioner for the bedroom, office or anywhere else where you need a more silent air conditioner. Please don’t forget though – all portable AC units will make sound, even the most expensive models you can buy. This is because a portable unit houses all moving parts within the room, where you can hear them. A window unit can have the compressor system hang outside, which helps muffle much of their operating noise.

Good Energy Efficiency

The standard measure for efficiency among air conditioners is their Energy Efficiency Ratio (or “EER”). This is simply the product of the unit’s BTUs divided by wattage. An EER of around 10 is considered very good, with the higher the score the better. In this case, the LG LP1014WNR scores an EER of 9.3, which is good and a bit better than the average unit on the market. Consequently, while it does lose some efficiency due to the single-exhaust hose design, the relative strong EER helps keep this an all around efficient air conditioner.

Dehumidifier Function

In addition to cooling, this model can pull approximately 2.6 pints of water from the air per hour.

Two-Fan Speeds & LED Display With Thermostat

This little portable can really blow, with two fan speeds that are controlled with an LED touch control panel. The controls also let you set a thermostat that will keep temperatures around your desired set point.

The LG Electronics LP1014WNR features a modern LED control panel/display.Additional Features:

  • Auto restart (in the event of power interruptions);
  • Washable air filter (that you can reuse over and over);
  • Full function remote control;
  • Water full indicator (to facilitate condensate drainage);
  • Rolling casters.

Price and Value

Currently selling for approximately $320 shipped, this is a very good deal for 10000 BTUs of cooling power, particularly when you consider that this is a relative new unit that comes with a solid feature set and crisp LG styling.

Buy the LG Electronics LP1014WNR portable air conditioner!Concluding Thoughts on the LG LP1014WNR

While it doesn’t do anything revolutionary, the LG LP1014WNR 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control brings all of the qualities we look for in an affordable 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner: good thermostatic controls; strong air flow with two speeds; a good EER of 9.3 for energy efficiency; and an overall contemporary design with nice touches and extra features. In sum, this is a good option for those seeking a decent, mid-range portable air conditioner that should get the job done.

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