Lexmark CS310dn Review

lexmark cs310dnIf you are looking to buy a new color printer or replace an old one for the home or small office, consider purchasing a color laser printer and taking advantage of their superior speed.  A great model that combines performance and affordability is the Lexmark CS310dn Color Laser Printer.

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Inkjet printers are well suited for printing photos, but these printers are generally much slower and less reliable than laser printers, and cannot print text with nearly the same level of sharpness.  Accordingly, for the home office or small business concerned with printing a large volume of color documents, promotional materials, fliers, brochures, etc, a good color laser printer is the way to go. However, good color laser printers tend to be significantly pricier than their inkjet counterparts, so it is usually harder to identify a good deal among the numerous makes and models available.

In our view, one color laser printer that we think strikes a very good balance between professional-grade performance and affordability is the Lexmark CS310dn Color Laser Printer.

The Lexmark CS310dn was designed to handle professional color printing jobs in-house, and take them away from your outside color printing service. This is made possible first by the top-notch color rendering and print quality of the CS310dn, which produces 1200 x 1200 dpi high resolution graphics and incorporates professional color matching with PANTONE® calibration.

And in addition to producing very high quality color prints, you can expect reliable speed with the CS310dn.  It can print up to 25 pages per minute in black and color, and a single page color document (which includes the initial warm up) in 11 seconds.  Try that with an inkjet!

Further, this printer is built to handle large, routine printing jobs. In fact, the CS310dn is designed to accommodate up to 5,000 pages per month easily. And Lexmark’s advanced paper-handling technology minimizes annoying mis-feeds and paper jams that interrupt your work and timing of your deliverables.

Other interesting features of this color laser jet include an 800 MHZ dual-core processor, 256 MB of internal memory, a high-speed USB port, Ethernet with full networking capabilities, and an Energy Star-rated Eco-Mode setting.

Overall, the Lexmark CS310dn Color Laser Printer is a workhorse printer for the home or small office that represents real value. It’s super-fast and produces professional-quality prints.  It can also handle the high volume of print jobs attendant with commercial applications. And it’s priced very reasonably for its speed, capacity and color print quality. Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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