Lawn-Boy 17732 Self Propelled Gas Mower Review

Lawn-Boy 17732For those who are looking for a trustworthy gas-powered mower that is economical yet built to withstand the test of time, the Lawn-Boy line is a popular choice that has garnered a loyal following due its consistently high quality products. A good example of this focus on performance and value is the Lawn-Boy 17732 Carb Compliant Kohler Rear Wheel Drive Self Propelled Gas Walk Behind Mower. However, what does this model offer that justifies its price? Continue reading and find out.

Easy to use rear-wheel self-propelled design

The Lawn-Boy 17732 uses a Self-Propelled Rear Wheel Drive system that comes with dual speed options. Together with the generous 21-inch cutting deck, this allows you to cover lots of ground when you need it, while permitting slower, more-fine tuned maneuvers when necessary. Of course, being self-propelled you don’t need to labor with ruts, hills and other terrain that can be tiresome to deal with if using a push-type mower. Based on the ease of operation and the convenient speed controls, the Lawn Boy clearly has user convenience firmly in mind.

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Top of the line, CARB-compliant engine

The engine on this lawn more is particularly impressive, and is alone a good reason to opt for the 17332. Specifically, this model is decked out with a CARB-compliant Kohler XT6 OHV Engine that boasts fantastic power and efficiency. According to manufacturer testing, the combined rotating force of this engine can reach upwards of 2800 RPM, which means you can expect smooth sailing through difficult terrain with lots of torque to plow through the toughest grasses – all while propelling the machine effortlessly. Being CARB-compliant (which makes this model available to Californians) is also a definitely plus for anyone considering it, as this means the power plant has satisfied stringent safety standards. Finally, maintenance of the Kohler engine is easy and with just a bit of care can be expected to perform season after season.

Handy grass clipping collection / discharge options

Aside from being able to quickly adjust the grass cutting heights (adjustment lever is located on the side of the mower), you can also use a clippings bag with a capacity big enough to satisfy most homeowners, even those with relatively large yards. Further, emptying the bag is quick and painless, so you can get back to work and finish the job with some time to spare.

Industry-leading customer warranty and support

Lawn Boy has been around for a long, long time – a fact that is no doubt due in part to its commitment to customer satisfaction. As such, the Lawn-Boy 17732 is covered by a “3-Year True-Start Commitment,” which is a guarantee that the machine starts in one or two pulls and if it doesn’t – they will fix it with no charge. Furthermore, you also get another warranty for parts and other functions such as starting the machine or problems with power have lasting for two years.

High user ratings

This lawn mower currently rates 4.4 out of 5 in Amazon (at the time of this writing). Most users cite this model’s great value, and many others are particularly impressed by how strong the engine. Other common mentions are its fairly lightweight design, ease of maneuvering and the model’s “key starting” feature (available on certain models), which makes it easier to start the engine without the pain of having to pulling a retractable rope. The relatively few negative remarks were generally aimed at certain parts, like the front wheel height adjustment, which some complained were made of hollowed plastic. However, this was not really much of a big problem for most users.

Concluding thoughts

So what do we really think of the Lawn-Boy 17732 Carb Compliant Kohler Rear Wheel Drive Self Propelled Gas Walk Behind Mower? There are a lot of decent gas-powered lawn mowers available in this model’s price range (currently hovering in the $260 range). However, not all are made with this level of precision – and even fewer come with such a first-rate engine. This mower as part of Lawn Boy’s lineup of 21-inch lawn mowers offers outstanding grass cutting performance, an exceptionally strong engine, great reliability and user-friendly features – all in model that we thinks strikes the right balance between quality and price.

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