Lawn-Boy 10734 Review

Lawn-Boy 10734 ReviewLawn-Boy has been around for a very long time, and is one of the most respected names in gas mowers. This industry preeminence is only furthered by its new line of walk-behind models, including one of our favorite best-value purchases for 2014 – the Lawn-Boy 10734 21″ Kohler Electric Start Self Propelled Gas Walk Behind Mower. Please follow along as we examine the key features offered by this model and exactly what makes this a “Cadillac” quality lawn mower unlikely to disappoint.

Lawn-Boy 10734  – Key Specifications

Easy Electric Starting Mechanism

Even the best pull-start mowers can be a royal PITA to get going, and leave you winded before you’ve even set out mowing your lawn. In recognition of this, the Lawn-Boy 10734 comes with a very handy electric starting mechanism that makes life easier. Simply turn the key, as you would a car ignition, and the powerful starter motor revs the engine to life so you can get to work without unnecessary fatigue and delay.

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A Powerful & Reliable Kohler Engine

Lawn-Boy is well-known for equipping their mowers with very high-quality power plants, and they’ve certainly continued that tradition here. The Lawn-Boy 10734 is fitted with a Kohler XT6 Engine, a lightweight yet very punchy 149 cc OHV engine that produces over 6 foot-pounds of torque and uses a cast-iron cylinder for enhanced performance and durability. This is a commercial-grade, very fuel efficient and low-noise motor that is versatile enough for residential use; it’s precisely the type of engine we like to seen in modern lawn equipment.

Self-Propelled Convenience & Maneuverability

Lawn-Boy 10734 Tri-Cut Blade & Steel Deck.Power is delivered smoothly to the unit’s rear wheels and is controlled with a variable forward speed adjustment. Thanks to it’s modern, lightweight engine and compact design, the 10734 is very easy to walk-behind and has a great turning radius for more delicate work around obstacles/landscaping.

High-Quality Steel Deck & 3-in-1 Cutting

The Lawn-Boy 10734 comes with a very durable 21″ steel cutting deck that is lightweight, yet resists torquing and delivers consistent cuts with a patented “tri-cut” blade. The unit can be used to either mulch, side-discharge, or bag clippings. The rear bag comes on and off very easily.

Industry-Leading 2-Year Warranty

Unlike most gas mowers you’ll find, the Lawn-Boy 10734 comes with a 2-Year “No Worry” warranty, which, remarkably, offers complete coverage. For example, the starting  mechanism, engine and even smaller parts -they’re are all covered. This is very unusual in lawn equipment, and something we wish we saw more of!

Price & Value

This is where the Lawn-Boy also excels in our view. Currently hovering around $330 (including shipping), the Lawn-Boy 10734 is not cheap, but is one of the very best-value options among other self-propelled walk-behind mowers that come with a first-rate engine and  electric start. Indeed, electric starting mechanisms always add to the base price, but are a nice feature that pays off in terms of ease of use and convenience.

Lawn-Boy 10734 - Commercial Grade Power & Great Value.Lawn-Boy 10734 – Concluding Thoughts

If you are looking for a relatively effortless lawn-cutting experience, yet still want the power of gas and the ease of a self-propelled design with electric start, we’d be hard-pressed to identify a more reasonably-priced unit out there. Quite simply, the Lawn-Boy 10734 21″ Kohler Electric Start Self Propelled Gas Walk Behind Mower is a commercial-grade powerhouse that is made with the residential user in mind, and is aimed at providing maximum quality for your dollar. An all-around great buy in our book.

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